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William Higgins - Prague Buddies 1-4

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DescriptionPrague Buddies attempts to create a story about an elite and secretive fraternal organization of young athletes in Prague. These guys initiate themselves through tests of athletic prowess and sexual intimacy.

The first two young men that we see inducted into the group must undergo a group jerk off session. (If only this were the way all fraternities initiated their studs.) During the round off, cover boy Pavel Korsakov (while on his knees) turns to Jirka Kalvoda (standing over him with a look on his face similar to a cat preparing to pounce on a mouse) and stares at him with dreamy eyes. Thus begins the relationship that these two share throughout the film.

Prague Buddies is filled with more threesomes and group scenes than any person should be allowed to enjoy. It even states at the end that two scenes had to be deleted to allow for time restrictions! Imagine a three-hour fuckfest with these guys. Your dick would be sore for days. The two hours we’re given is more than enough though.

Four fantastic scenes follow up the first and almost every one of them shows the guys cumming more than once. There’s lots and lots of man jism flowing everywhere in the abandoned barn that Higgins uses as the set for most of the film. The soft lighting used enhances the smooth, defined muscular bodies of each star and highlights their engorged, vein-lined cocks with a beauty that only a photographer can capture.

Prague Buddies ends with Pavel and Jirka picking up a friend who was enrolled in a seminary school. The story then picks up again in Prague Buddies 2 and we find out that the priest is none other than the Norse god Jan Dvorak.

William Higgins - Prague Buddies 2, Verbotine Leibe (Forbidden Love)
Studio: William Higgins Productions
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2000
Duration: 01:45:44
Video: DivX 720x544
Audio: mp3 224 kbit/s
Director: William Higgins
Starring: Pavel Novotny (aka Jan Dvorak, Max Orloff), Pavel Korsakov, Jirka Kalvoda, Mylan Forman, Liber Taborsky, Martin Bolshoi, Martin Pravda, Zdenek Romany, Roman Tomas, Ivan Romanoff, Jamon Ramon, Milan Dabelsky, Jarda Waldek and Marco Giacomo.

William Hiiggins - Prague Buddies 3, Liebestod
Duration: 02:05:27
Video: DivX 720x544
Audio: mp3 224 kbit/s
Year: 2001
Studio: William Higgins
Country: Czech Republic
Director: William Higgins
Starring: Jirka Kalvoda, Mylan Forman, Pavel Korsakov, Andel (a), Peppino Sobato.

William Higgins - Prague Buddies 4, Tales Of The Ancient Bohemian Woods

Studio :  William Higgins Productions
Director:  William Higgins
Year: 07/2004

Cast:  Jordi Cosimo, Pavel Korsakov, Mylan Forman, Jirka Kalvoda, Andel, Pavel Dubcek, El Greco, Peppino Sobato, Jozeph Markovich, Cage Kejc, Ruslan Karpov, Ivo Skala, Lada Vostry, Gernot Snake, Roman Tomas, Vladimir Kaspia

Prague Buddies 4 resolves the cliff-hanger ending of Prague Buddies 3: Liebestod and brings back many of your favortie stars, showing what can happen in the ancient Czech woodlands. Andel, Pavel Korsakov, Jirka Kalvoda, Pavel Dubcek and El Greco are all back and give stellar performances.

As a very special treat, after much persuading, Vladimir Kaspia makes his one and only screen appearance. Enjoy Prague Buddies 4."
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