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SF3-Kegger Frat Party

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DescriptionSF3- Frat Party Kegger

Cast:  Tag Adams, Danny Hunter, Alex Berlin, Damian, David, Aaron Heights, Josh Kole, Luke, Pavel, Joe Sarge, Paul Young

Welcome to Fraternity Row, Durham, NC. Where cigarette manufacturers learn their trade. Or maybe study law. Or how to boil peanuts. Who can say? In Alpha Delta Gamma (a frat house, not the Star Trek quadrants) we are introduced to Jeff (Danny, via handy on-screen titles) a horny frat kid (less jockey, more short) watching football with his buddy, Buddy (Hunter). There’s some quick exposition of events but when Hunter opens his mouth that voice just plain scares me. It’s not an insult, Mr. Hunter (unlike that time you knocked me over and spilled my drink in a certain Manhattan club) I’m just stating facts. But squirrels creep me out too, so fret not.

From out of nowhere Jeff asks if it’s true Buddy is well-endowed. Not the sort of thing I’d ask a frat-brother but I never did go to college. “Mitch told me it was big.” “Mitch has a big mouth.” (Well, there’s a marriage made in Heaven right there.) Whap - out comes Hunter’s hose and naturally, Jeff can’t resist when he watches it grow. (Fun hint: use your fast forward and watch it sproing up like a balloon.)

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