Jake Waters & Jeremy Spreadums

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We find Jake Waters and Jeremy Spreadums in the middle of a hot cuddling session on the couch before Jake leans back so that Jeremy can get full access to Jake's hard, fat cock.

Jeremy quickly licks and licks Jake's entire shaft, which really impresses him. It takes a skilled cock sucker to swallow that much cock with little resistance.

Jake gets on all fours so Jeremy can go to town on Jake's ass before the switch places. Just like in Jeremy's solo video, Jeremy comes prepared with an anal plug in his ass. Jake plays with Jeremy's toy, sliding it in and out of Jeremy's hungry hole before pulling it out, licking it and putting it back in. Jake wants to make sure that Jeremy is fully open so that Jeremy can accommodate Jake's cock in his hole the same way as well as he took it in his throat.

Jake pulls the toy out one last time and replaces it with his cock, sliding it in all the way to the root as Jeremy chokes with pleasure. It doesn't take long before Jake is digging a pile into Jeremy's hole as Jake pinches and tweaks his own nipples.

Jake lies back on the couch and Jeremy climbs aboard in a reverse cowboy position. Jeremy bounces up and down on Jake's hard cock before Jeremy lies down on the couch so that Jake can move into a spoon-fucking position.

Jake lifts Jeremy's leg and yields his ass, then Jeremy flips over on his stomach. Jake continues to punish Jeremy's hole, impressing us with some board shit!

Jeremy flips onto his back and Jake dives into Jeremy's ass. Jake leans forward and the two share a passionate kiss as Jake continues to fuck Jeremy's tight hole.

Jeremy flips onto his back once more and Jake effortlessly pounds Jeremy some more before he pulls out and shoots his load into Jeremy's ass.

2021-11-17 13:58:42
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