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Original upload: 2011-06-12 |
"Streetcam " is the latest in a series of videos produced by Streetlife.com, a website whose members can watch live sex performed nightly by a stable of hot New York City homeboys. The Streetcam videos are each a compilation of scenes from those nightly web episodes. "Streetcam " features one three-way and six two man pairings and is a pretty successful effort. Anyone who finds men of color attractive, whether their preference is black or Latin or both, will feel at home here with the quality of men on display. As can be expected, the vibe is definitely what is currently called urban, right down to the rap and R&B music heard in the background.

Unfortunately, the men are not identified so credit cannot be sufficiently given to the hottest of the bodies and the biggest of the dicks on display. If there is one flaw here, it is that the camera for each scene is basically in a fixed position and one occasionally gets the feeling that some interesting stuff is happening right out the range of the camera. More often than not, what we get are hot young black and Latin men working their mouths, asses and dicks for our viewing pleasure. In some of the scenes, there seems to be actual tenderness involved, with the men kissing like longtime lovers. Other scenes are pretty playful, men sucking and buttfucking because it's fun and the dollars are right. So, if hot black and Latin men get your motor running, give "Streetcam " a test drive.

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