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BG East Wrestling - Gabriel Ross vs Drake Marcos

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DescriptionNearly three years ago, BG East fans got their last glimpse of fan favorite, 5'4" Gabriel Ross giving 6'1" Chris Xaos everything he could handle (and more!). The angelic looking little Brit with a disarmingly innocent baby face long ago earned a devilishly dirty reputation in the underground wrestling scene in the UK. Many an opponent has started out underestimating the "kid," only to pay for it dearly underneath a mountain of below-board punishment dished out by this fiercely competitive scrapper. And anyone who thought for a moment that this lightweight was ill-equipped for the brutal world of all-in gay wrestling had to think again once they saw the size of the equipment Gabriel packs in his trunks. Gay wrestling's resident little angel is hung like a horse!

On The Boss' latest recruiting trip to the UK, he heard rumors that Gabriel had undergone an epic transformation. Turns out the rumors were true! Gabriel is, indeed, no longer the lithe, sultry, supple sex wrestler he once was. He's packed on unbelievably thick mountains of muscle. He still has the face of an angel, but wrestles like a little devil. But no one doubts anymore that Gabriel Ross has the muscle mass to seriously put the hurt on any opponent! On the spot, The Boss purchased a ticket for Gabriel-version-2.0 to fly to BG East Headquarters to introduce him to eager wrestlers this side of the Atlantic.

Whereas Gabriel Ross is arguably one of the most well-known discoveries of BG East (especially after his appearance on GayVN Best Specialty DVD 'X-Fights UK XXX'), his rookie opponent Drake Marcos thinks of BG East as one of the life-changing discoveries of his life. The handsome young rookie credits BG East with making him realize his true calling, as an underground wrestler! It's surprisingly common: The Boss vets dozens of applications like this a month, but most turn out not to have the stamina, the strength, or the courage to compete at the level that BG East demands. The Boss saw something in Drake, however, and offered a private audition. Afterward, bruised, battered, and infinitely wiser to the ways of erotic combat, Drake finally got his coveted invitation to come back to BG East to face his first on-camera competition: one of his heroes, including all that freshly minted muscle: angel-faced Gabriel Ross!

With the power Gabriel now packs in those pythons and bulging pecs, his opening shove catapults the lean, raw rookie stumbling forward. Even his muscled ass bulges right out of the top of his low-rise jeans! He looks as achingly innocent as ever, but he's 100% Grade A beef, now, and awestruck Drake cannot resist the temptation to reach out and give Gabriel's big biceps and appreciative squeeze. "Not bad," the rookie makes the understatement of the year. Try as he might, Drake just cannot suppress the grin stretched from ear to ear, exposing his pure delight that not only has his debut match finally arrived, but he's facing this iconic X-fighter!

"Yeah, you like that?" Gabriel teases him in his English accent. The X-fight veteran allows his lean, hungry opponent to feel the granite in his arms and shoulders, letting the depth of Drake's debut challenge slowly sink in. "You going to do anything with them?" Drake defiantly asks. Game on!

The veteran of some of the sexiest X-fights in BG East's catalog, and star of the GayVN Best Specialty Release for X-Fights UK XXX, Gabriel sets the pace after some playful testing. He swiftly locks the rookie up tight between his gargantuan legs and squeezes out precisely measured pressure to test the limits of Drake's tolerance for pain. Drake's handsome face twists in agony despite averring he'd never submit. "Do you like that, yeah?" Gabriel asks again. "Not... particularly!" Drake chokes, sucking down air and trying to hold onto his dignity. All that babyface beef will not be denied, and the rookie wails out a first fall submission less than 2 minutes in!

"You gonna lose those jeans for me?" Gabriel asks, his innocent face and English accent a mismatch for his erotic demands. "What if I don't want to?" Drake responds, but neither of them believes it for a second. Drake is as much a gear fanatic as a wrestling fanatic and he knows where that can go. He doesn't even flinch when Gabriel commandingly grabs his jeans and unbuttons them for him. The rookie's excitement is already spilling out when Gabriel peels him out of his pants and starts to do the same for himself. The Brit babyface's stunning muscles leave Drake speechless. That doesn't mean, however, that he's above taking advantage of the moment Gabriel's denim is around his knees to tackle the notorious X-fighter and go on the attack.
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