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[FraternityX] 2014 6-Pack

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DescriptionAfter a long hiatus due to having racked up two strikes in two days with my ISP, I'm back!  And I got me a SEEDBOX!  With a 1Gbps connection! :efg:  I will have up to 100GB of porn in the seedbox at any given time, and older ones with plenty of seeds will be removed to make room for newer ones as needed.  I will try to keep low seed count torrents in rotation as long as possible, and I do respond to reseed requests.


This pack is being uploaded here as I found it.  I don't know what the original uploader's rationale for this selection was - because it is not a complete pack by any means, nor is it contiguous as an update pack would be, but it's hot nonetheless. Enjoy!  As always, Thanks and SeedBonus are greatly appreciated!

All are 1280x720 HD/.FLV

Sweet Danny Boy ·
Danny spent the day servicing our cocks while we drank beer and watched TV. He crawled across the floor from dick to dick. Then while he was sucking me off, Zach came up from behind, pulled down his shorts, spit on his hole, and shoved his big fat cock into Danny’s juicy young fuck hole. Before you know it, it was a full out gangbang, and sweet little Danny boy’s ass never felt so good!

Get that Ass Bro!
We’re always shooting vids around the house for you guys. This website pays our bills. So when AJ got wasted on JD and kept interrupting a video, we all got very angry. Stiffer threw him on the ground, held him down and tied his dumb ass to the bench press. After a coupled hours of ass and face pounding we noticed Dylan was on the couch with his legs up in the air, his hole was hungry, so the boys pile-drived him for a bit before dumping their loads.

Shut up and take it!
Pike got out of his mind trashed, and accidentally broke all the beer bottles, Fucking dumbass! Never waste booze in this house. So me and four other dudes took turns pounding his brains out. He always pretends that he doesn’t like it but we know whats up. Kids got a cock in both holes 24/7.

Tear That Ass Up!
Right before we were suppose to shoot a video for the site, Pike got some bad news from his girlfriend. He thought we would be a shoulder to cry on or some shit. Yeah right, MAN THE FUCK UP you little pussy!

A Good Ass Pounding
Stiffer lost a bet on the game. Instead of paying the debt himself he served up Chris, the official frat bitch. His tight little ass was passed around the house for a couple hours. The drunker we got, the harder we pounded. A couple dudes busted a nut in his mouth while stiffer filled up his ass hole.

Take That Dick Deep
Here at the frat we don't much like our pledges to give half assed head! So when we say get down on that dick we expect them to do it! So when we decided to give Josh's mouth a workout and made sure he got down deep on our dicks and when we wore his mouth out we just switched to his ass!

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