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BG East wrestling - X-Fights 38: Drake Marcos vs Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe

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Description(Winner of Sexiest Match in 2014 Fan Poll)

This match-up was as inevitable as it has been sought after. Two of BG East's best babyface's have come together to give fans a very intimate look at how they'll decide which of them gets bragging rights as the better wrestler. Tensions are high as both boys are coming into this match after experiencing some new sensations in their last matches.

While Lorenzo Lowe may not have been undefeated, the deceptively adorable stud has put far more imposing wrestlers through their paces and made it look easy, leaving the likes of Damien Rush and others lying on their backs, soaked and wondering what they just went through. His combination of sultry seduction and tough-as-nails grappling has worked well to neutralize his babyface weaknesses. But most recently he had the bad (or good?) luck to come up against superstar Cameron Mathews. That babyface-turned-musclestud had the young Lowe screaming out submissions in a variety of inventive holds. Cam wasn't satisfied until little Lorenzo had vowed to give himself up completely to the superior wrestler, and what happened between them next is anyone's guess. Now Lowe is looking to reclaim some of his lost dignity, to prove he can still hold his own against nearly any wrestler, and to take down a wrestler who only just managed to shed his title of "ultimate jobber."

Drake Marcos, on the other hand, would have been coming into this match with an unbroken losing streak since his debut, were it not for recent events. Until now, Drake seemed the perfect target for any wrestler hoping to channel his inner heel, but in his most recent match, the king of the jobbers threw away his crown when Marcos met BG East's latest recruit to the ranks of the babyfaces, Ty Alexander. This hot newbie fought long and hard to avoid a second defeat after his debut against budding heel Kayden Keller, but in the end it was Drake who drew the final submission from Ty's lips. Marcos tasted victory for the first time, and having once experienced the true excitement and perks of a victory, he's staring down at Lorenzo practically licking his lips at the thought of seeing the lean, wanna-be heel laid out underneath him, and much more. 

Drake has only just proven he can win out over an equally fresh-faced wrestler, while Lowe has taken down men you would expect to mop the mats with the little stud. Can Marcos capitalize on his newfound confidence, or will Lorenzo prove his beating at Cameron's hands was a mere fluke? Can both these boys use their X-fighter prowess to extract more than submissions from their sexy opponents? The wrestlers aren't the only ones eager to find out, a select group of fans wait with phones in hand as both boys have promised to deliver proof of their moments of triumph, as well as what will surely follow after. Erotic action shots live from the mats have both fanbases on the edge of their seats.

Both boys have been preparing for this one, you can practically smell it on them as they strip out of their street clothes, each one promising to make the other their personal plaything. But there's something else in the air too, you can see it as their eyes play over each others' toned bodies, hear it in the flirtatious jabs about their respective gear...

These boys came here with something to prove, but neither is leaving empty-handed when this is over. All smiles as they draw closer, "You ready for this?" Drake teases and tousles Jake's hair. "Oh Yeah," is the only reply.

The action is fast and intense, from the moment they lock up these two take the fight to the mats and struggle for a dominant position. Holds are traded, bodies are squeezed, but it's Lowe that truly turns the tables first. Closing his fist around Drake's ample bulge, Jake sends his lean foe into throes of agony, a very familiar expression of almost blissful pain etched on Marcos' face as he struggles to free himself. This is the Lowe we've seen humble other would-be winners, as he turns Drake over and proceeds to twist and contort him in ways only the perfect jobber could endure.

But Drake didn't come just to add another match to his list of losses, he's playing to win, and when Jake's grip slips he finds himself face-first on the mat, screaming as Drake gives the cocky young grappler's balls a taste of his own medicine. Drake draws on all the tortures he's suffered, and finds the skill and experience to keep Jake helpless and trapped, playing with the lithe body in his arms while Lowe looks for a way out. Both boys suffer greater ball abuse as they fight to be the first to see their opponent succumb to the pain, and the temptation of submitting to the man causing it.

Hard as Drake fights, he can't keep Lowe down forever. The budding heel rises time and again, sending Marcos to the mat in an exhausted and sweaty heap. Jake's own body shines as he mounts the definitive jobber, grabbing his phone to immortalize the moment. Drake fights hard, but each attempt only earns more punishment from Lowe. Marcos struggles to breathe in a series of crushing chokes and scissors, and just when he thinks he's found freedom, he meets Jake's lips. The hot heel steals what air Drake has as they melt into a passionate yet intense game of further submissions. Drake's eyes drift shut as he's moved into position, Lowe's hands drifting towards his hips, Marcos can't resist as he's stripped of his hot undergear, laid bare for his dominant opponent to admire.

Nude bearhugs, forced muscle worship, crotch to face pins, wild and sexy leg splits, and chokes lead to strokes and distraction as this turns into far more than a chance to prove to the other who is the better wrestler. The lusty attempts to prove utter erotic dominance turn this into a contest for best sexy knockout and the images that are revealed on The Arena at BG East are far too risqué for any sexting these satisfied X-fighters are likely to share anywhere!

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