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BG East Wrestling Kid Brock vs J-Rock

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionBodybuilder Kid Brock gives a pre-match BG interview. "Aren't you just a little afraid you might get hurt?" Brock sheds his shirt, revealing 20" arms, pneumatic pecs and abs of steel--now that's an answer! A last-minute ab-pumping workout, a backstage psyche-up session, and Brock heads to the ring. J-Rock pearl harbor's the rookie as he enters. But Brock forces the infamous indy heel to submit with 3 bearhugs in a row! J-Rock lures Brock into a pose-off, delivering a stiff kick to the bber's gut when he's least expecting it. J-Rock's patented over the shoulder gut-buster break down Brock's armor-plated abs. A grinding claw evens the match. The real reason J-Rock came to BGE? No refs! With no one to stop him, J-Rock dishes out the gut punishment in earnest: OTK gutbusters, Vader bombs off the turnbuckles onto that competition-winning torso, and astoundingly brutal reverse powerbombs where J-Rock drives Brock gut-first into the mat! J-Rock tosses Brock out of the ring, ties him in the ropes and unloads on him with punches, kicks and whatever weapons he can find. Back in the ring--bearhugs, body scissors, knee drops and stomps! A rookie muscleboy gut-bashing par excellence!
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