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BADMASTERBOYS 13200-59 A Scally and his Slave

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DescriptionYaro has fucked up again, and now he is in trouble with the police. Helmut who is in charge of the 18-year-old, wants to confront Yaro. But Yaro doesn‘t want to be lectured. And anyway: It‘s not Helmut‘s business, so he should better keep his nose out. First of all he is Yaro‘s personal slave.

Helmut is sitting on the sofa, when Yaro comes home from school. The young Master wears street clothes and hot, white adidas-sneakers. “I am hungry!“ he yells at his slave. Helmut admits that he hasn‘t managed to prepare lunch on time. When Helmut finally wants to start lecturing Yaro about the stuff with the police, Yaro simply has had enough.

The young Master forces his slave to the ground and Helmut has to lick his sneakers. “You have to clean them properly, I had physical education in school, today“, he says and starts grinning. After removing most of the dirt, the Master torments his slave with kicks, slaps and trampling. Helmut is forced to lie down on the floor on his back. Yaro gets on him with all his weight. “Open up!“, the 18-year-old is commanding and spits right into his slave‘s mouth. 

Master Yaro is still trampling on his slave. He uses one foot to mash his victim‘s crotch. “Come on, lick faster“. he requests his slave or your cock will never be the same.

This trampling torture is nothing for sissies. With one foot Master Yaro presses on his slave‘s throat, the other foot is used to torture his hands. Afterwards, he gets spat on, again. “What does it taste like?“, Master Yaro wants to know. “Like cigarettes!“, Helmut answers.

Now, Yaro wants to relax, so he gets comfortable on the sofa. At first, his slave must clean the soles of his Master‘s Adidas sneakers with his tongue. Then, his next task is to take off the shoes. It smells heavily of sweat. With an evil grin, the Master watches, how the slave inhales his sock smell. Up next, are Yaro‘s bare feet. The young Master is shaking his head. “Such a  loser“, the Master is saying to his slave, who is busy licking the sweat off the feet. It gets particularly nasty between the toes :)

Helmut‘s next task is to go into the kitchen and get a glass of whine and some chocolate. Soon, the Master has devoured all the chocolate. Since Helmut hasn‘t bought enough of it, Yaro gets into a bad mood, and so Helmut has to suffer, again. Hard luck!

“The toenails have to get clean!“, Master Yaro barks at his victim. But obviously, Helmut doesn‘t put much effort into it. Yaro is really pissed off and starts slapping his victim right in the face. Helmut is really beaten up. And then, the young Master comes up with the idea to stretch his Helmut‘s ears. It starts kind of harmless, but soon it turns into a heavy ear-torture.

Before, Helmut is allowed to go to the kitchen to prepare a meal for Yaro, he gets slapped again, several times.


Finally, a new video with Yaro! All fans of this young and totally merciless Master can be happy. Although, being a youngster in the BMB-team, Yaro is already a pro with much experience. He absolutely knows, how to torment and humiliate slaves as you can see in this clip. Astonishing, amazing, hot!
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