LaughingOutLoud Pictures - Liam Tickled and Liam Returns

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DescriptionMeet insanely ticklish model Liam! Liam is definitely in our top 10 most ticklish models on the site. He is 27 years old and told us he had a long history of being tickle by his older brothers. He said they used to pin him down and just pretend to tickle him and he would still squeal and roar with laughter. He really cant stand being tickled, and we definitely let him have it. Liam is feather ticklish on his feet and goes absolutely crazy when they are tickled! He begged for us to stop tickling his smooth size 10 feet but we totally ignored him. When we hit his sides and armpits he completely loses it and bucks and begs and screams with laughter, and unsuccessfully tried to get away. When we both tickled him at once he thought he was going to faint! He also has a really hot laugh!


Were thrilled to bring you a very special holiday episode of LOL tickling! Weve brought back one of your favorite hyper ticklish models, Liam and have him all wrapped up like the perfect ticklish Christmas gift! It took a lot of convincing to bring Liam back in. He really didnt want to be tickled again, but somehow we managed to get him back in the CHRI$TMAS $PIRIT. he is tickled in his Christmas socks and bare feet by two ticklers at once. We tied Liam down extremely tight and still had to hold him still as he screamed and bucked with laughter! In the next clip, Liam gets flipped face down and we tickle his poor tender soles mercilessly! His smooth ticklish feet try desperately to wriggle away but are unsuccessful. Next we hogtie up our ticklish Xmas ham, and wrap him up with a festive bow. Then Liam gets let loose on, tickling his sides, pits, feet and that back thigh area below your butt which really sent poor Liam into some shrieking laughter. Next Liam is blindfolded (although it keeps slipping off haha) and tickled on his sides, ribs, nipples, neck and armpits. Liam roars with laughter non-stop. He is so intensely ticklish, and what a hot guy! Last clip is of our usual 5 minutes w/ 2 ticklers on Liam, one on his feet and one on his chest. We really let Liam have it hardcore. Liam is an exhausted by the end of it, and just wanted to take a nap. You can see how winded he is in his exit interview. Enjoy your Xmas clip, and to all a good night!

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