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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-12-29 |
WET WAREHOUSE 2 - DRENCHED picks up where WET WAREHOUSE left off.

First, Wet Lube mogul Max Grand promotes underling Sean Dickson to warehouse manager. Sean practices some Quality Control techniques when he invites Anthony Mengetti back to his new office for a quick lay.

Next, Max phones old flame Tom Katt to relight his fire. They consummate their friendship over the hood of a convertible Jaguar. Then, new employee Brent Cross joins the union between Joe Kent, Dax Kelly and Eduardo for a 4-way on a truck's flatbed.

Eduardo, Joe and Dax continue the action atop a fork lift, and finally, Max Grand gives Adam Wilde a reason to walk bowlegged.

Starring Tom Katt, Max Grand, Sean Dickson, Anthony Mengetti, Brent Cross, Dax Kelly, Eduardo, Joe Kent, and Adam Wilde.

A Forum Studios DVD

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