BreederFuckers - Sergei 7+8 (2016)

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DescriptionSergei 7 - 6th January 2016
Video 20:51
Tied, gagged, bare-handed spanking, nipples clamped, flogged, electro shocks to his sphincter, cock and balls bound, fucked with a dildo, caned
Sergei is a feisty fucker! He shouts until a big angry vein starts throbbing in his forehead. He’s in the most sexually vulnerable position of his life! Stark naked and bent over a bench, he’s tied with his arms in the air and his arse pointed out so the men can rub their crotches against his butt cheeks. The sensation of the bulge of their cocks pressed against his virgin hole blows his stupid straight mind. His pert pale cheeks are given a hard spanking and flogging till they glow red and Sergei nearly bites through his gag.
We’re determined to make this tough hetero thug more intensely aware of his arsehole than he’s ever been. He’s made to play a wicked game where the punishment for wrong answers gets him a sudden sharp zap to his delicate little bum hole. Sergei is driven wild feeling the shocks hit him right on the pink smooth flesh of his sphincter.
His big balls and proud cock are tied up and weighted while he’s also made to view a dirty video. It’s the biggest mindfuck for Sergei to see the stimulating porn while having his arse and cock worked on by two pervy men. A big thick dildo is shoved up his arse while his already sore arse is whacked with a cane. Notice how his flesh visibly trembles from the sustained and intensely painful punishment to his arse. He won’t ever forget this session!

Sergei 8 - 20th January 2016
Video 15:27
Bound and gagged naked, stroked till he's erect, bare-handed spanking, arse paddling, fingered, arsehole plugged, fucked with a fat dildo, ruined ejaculation.
Strung up naked with his big meaty cock and full balls dangling between his legs, Sergei can't do anything to prevent Dave from sucking on his nipples or stroking his sexy stinking todger till it's thick and juicy. Worse he's bent down in a position where he has to watch himself being sucked and stroked by another man. He must witness his own arousal and he's disgusted by his own insatiable sex drive. If he's so humiliated by what he can see he's even more terrified by what he can't see next. Dave smacks his arse so hard with his bare hand that it glows bright red. He shows him a hard wooden paddle and Sergei is horrified at the pain he knows this instrument will inflict on his poor smooth bum. The anticipation is almost worse than the punishment.
Dave lays into his sphincter widening it up and filling it with a butt plug. While Dave works on his cock, Derek punishes his arse further spanking him. Getting it from both sides Sergei is overwhelmed and tries to escape the men, but he's suspended in place with no chance of escape. Derek lays into Sergei's hole fucking him hard with a thick wet dildo. He hits his g-spot because the fucker grows another stonking hard on with Dave's encouraging strokes. Sergei's dizzy from the rush and feels himself on the brink of cumming, but just as he's about to spray his seed nasty Dave releases Sergei's dick and punishes it leaving the frustrated and confused lad with blue balls!
Be aware that Sergei howls like a fucking banshee in this video. Adjust your volume down… or up if the screams of a hetero in bondage turn you on as much as it does us!
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