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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-02-12 |
Toni is loitering about the train station. Feeling bored, he kicks an empty soda can around. To his bad luck, the can almost hits Shorty, who was coming up the stairs. Shorty grabs Toni, and the two immediately lock each other in a clinch. After a short scuffle, they decide to fight their match in the basement room, rather than brawl at the train station. Toni is confident, and he thinks he can hand it to Shorty. After all, he did continue his training, and now he wants to put it to use. Initially, it does indeed seem as if he's about to be proven right, for Shorty is forced to submit in the first round. However, Shorty keeps fighting harder and more aggressively during the following rounds. They tug at each other's shirts, trade punches and slaps, and attack each other with hard leg scissors. The latter make life especially misreable for Toni, when Shorty's well-trained soccer legs threaten to crush him. From round two onwards, it seems clear that Shorty will dominate this match. With each round, he gets more into the fight and his dominant role, and he clearly shows Toni who's in charge in the mat. He wrestles his opponent so hard that Toni almost blacks out. It's the hardest fight Toni ever had at Fightplace. When Toni already appears to be thoroughly winded, Shorty is still only beginning. He seems to be playing with Toni, he tears his jeans, and he uses every trick in the book on him. But Toni won't give up, he even keeps attacking again and again, and he tries to turn the fight to his advantage. But Shorty's strength (especially that of his legs), his fighting experience and his tricks, keep forcing Toni into submission, after having endured prolonged and agonising holds. Real submission fighting, in good old Fightplace tradition, free of any fake showmanship or babble; simply "just" hard wrestling! A must for every Fightplace and Shorty fan!
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