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Corbin Fisher Liam Takes on Keny

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DescriptionLiam is one I wasnÂ’t entirely confident weÂ’d see in action with a guy. He didnÂ’t
seem particularly interested in the idea when he first arrived at CF, and a couple
conversations about the possibility of making it happen just didnÂ’t lead anywhere
at all. I assumed his solo and guy/girl video would be the end of it, and that was
that. It would have been a shame had that been the case, though, as LiamÂ’s quite
the stud!

Thankfully, some time after Liam returned home from his first time out here, he hit
us up out of the blue asking about guy/guy action - he was curious what it might
involve, what heÂ’d be expected to do, and wanted to confirm it paid well. I guess
all of the answers he got in return were to his liking, because here he is!

LiamÂ’s going from seeming uninterested in guy/guy action to the first few minutes
of this episode was quite the change - he has this smirk on his face that he just
couldnÂ’t hide and he was more at ease than we - or Liam himself, for that matter -
excepted him to be. Granted, I think that sly smile at the outset was his way of
concealing his nerves a bit. Regardless of all that, though, his hard cock leaves
no doubt Kenny was making him feel good! HeÂ’s already hard before his boxersbriefs
even slide off, and every thing that happens to his cock from that point on just
turns him on even more.

Liam uses that tall, muscular frame to fuck a guy for the first time long and deep -
those deep strokes eventually fucking a load right out of Kenny. Liam goes back to
fucking Kenny some more, and what happened next was quite the treat. You can
see Liam slow down, trying to hold off from blowing the load he likely couldnÂ’t
believe was building up in him so quickly. He just couldnÂ’t hold back, though, and
got caught off guard by his own orgasm as he paints KennyÂ’s hole with cum. Though
he didnÂ’t ask how fucking a guy might feel before deciding to give it a shot, he got
an answer to that question nonetheless!


Any seed bonus you can give would be greatly appreciated.  I seed 24/7!
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