Don't Freeze Come Inside (SEVP)

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You know the drill: Hot hung jock boys (throb) with increasingly big + thick cocks (drool) suck each other dry (gulp!) and pound each other raw (gasp!) in the too-oft-utilized S.E.V.P. frat house/cabin.

Among the usual sucking and rimming chores, and unwrapped shovings of rigid cocks up tightly puckered anuses, there are the expected deliveries of thick splattery facials, including a stray nasal cumshot.

The dudes are tasty and some of ’em even look to be post-college age, but let’s not kid each other about the cookie-cutter mentality of the S.E.V.P. production line: Were it not that the barebacking controversy garners S.E.V.P. much world-wide attention (and, invariably, handsome profits), I doubt the company could have survived this long by cranking out such otherwise-mediocre product.

I can’t stress just how monotonous S.E.V.P.’s flicks are threatening to become, a notion that might not be quite so obvious if the filmmakers didn’t insist on shooting so many couplings and threesomes in the same house again and again. Oh, sure, sometimes we get a trip to the lake or a romp in the hills, but most of the S.E.V.P. flicks are anchored to the same fucking house. It’s called scenery. Try changing it a little more often.

Happily, the boys herein possess increasingly bigger, thicker dicks than seen in many previous S.E.V.P. flicks, and heavier nuts, too… and, as always, they demonstrate an insatiable craving for the sticky flavor of jism.

Lighting flare and shifty camera moves are trademarks of S.E.V.P.’s not-so-stringent production values. But, then again, so too are the plentiful condomless humpings, the ooey gooey facials and the salty oral spurt shots.
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