Studio 2000 - Cabin Fever

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DescriptionDirector Danny Ray (of light?) serves up another heaping helping of his trademarked crew of delectable young and hung Czechmates. We love boys in scout gear, cover model Chose Armando is definitely a choice piece, and there appears to be a hot double anal penetration ensconced here as well. Cabin Fever - no relation to Eli Roth's skin-peeling horror flick, we presume - looks like it would make any camper's temperature rise.
-Keeneye Reeves

"Studio 2000 continues an acclaimed run with director Danny Ray, who delivers a sizzling sexcapade starring fifteen gorgeous young Eastern European hunks. Cabin Fever's lush mountainside scenery complements the passionate lovemaking of these handsome young bucks. Strap on your hiking boots, grab your backpack and join the adventure!

Outside a bucolic cabin, cutie Jeffrey Connery chops wood, unaware that buddies Gary McAdams and Mario Rafaelli are openly lusting for his smooth, tightly muscled bod. They make a play for Jeffrey and soon the trio are indoors massaging each other's naked bodies as their erections stiffen into readiness. Vigorous blowjobs culminate in three cumshots, leading to Jeffrey spreading wide for his friends, both of whom happily hump until all three cum again, including a splattery gusher from Gary.

Slender, mocha-skinned Richy Rich is pouring a wash basin bath for two guests (Robin Usher and Joe Donovan) who arrive at the cabin weary from their travels. Richy sponge-bathes them, paying special attention to their stiff, poking erections and sucks off both to relieved orgasm. Richy then enjoys his own bath-and-blowjob from his guests as a prelude to first Robin, and then Joe, energetically stuffing their host's bubble butt with cock.

Drago Lembeck is outdoors, using his binoculars to take in the gorgeous forest landscape. He soon spies adorably cute Nico Sideropulus stealthily looking for a hiding spot good for a quick wank. As Drago watches, Nico pulls out his pretty cock and begins to slowly work himself into an erection. Drago has to get closer and surprises Nico with his own boner, then drags him into the nearby cabin where the two begin to kiss and undress right on the stairs. Nico happily takes Drago's boner into his mouth and the two trade suck-jobs. The horny pair take turns fucking each other, never getting into the bedroom as they make love right on the stairs. Afterwards, basking in the afterglow of their sex, Drago and Nico stroll arm-in-arm through an open field, where they passionately kiss.

Elsewhere, slender, young and cute-as-a-bug's ear Chicky Hard and his equally lovely pal, Chose Armando, quickly grow bored sawing wood for their cabinmates. They goof off by laughingly shedding their clothes as they saw away, their boners bouncing as they work. Erik Schaffer quietly watches from behind a nearby tree, clearly aroused. Finally, he can take no more and firmly escorts the studpups back to the cabin for a stern lesson. But he can't resist this adorable pair and soon he is being stripped down and sucked off to climax. Hugely turned on, he fucks them both and while they may be young, both Chicky and Chose prove themselves formidable bottoms for their older, masculine topman.

In the final scene, Roger Gharney, handsome as a matinee idol, tends a small fire and chats amiably with Georgio Black and Tom Hawai when the blond, beautiful Jay Renfro appears and asks to warm himself by the flames. The men agree although they instantly have other methods of generating heat in mind. All three exchange knowing glances as their cocks stiffen and soon they lead a willing Jay into the cabin for a spirited fourway fuck atop a kitchen table. All of them exchange blowjobs, kiss and rub each other's bodies, moaning with pleasure, and spurt more cumshots. As they move into fucking and more cumming, Roger and Tom both work their boners into Jay's tight hole for an energetic double-penetration that has Jay loudly groaning with pleasure. Another round of spooge from all four men closes out this round of Cabin Fever."
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