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Elder Isaacs & Elder Larsen - Forging Bonds (With President Woodruff) 720p

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DescriptionStepping out of the shower together, Elder Isaacs and Elder Larsen are experiencing a physical and emotional high.

Their mission is coming to an end, and looking back at their service, even they are amazed at how much they've seen and done in a short time.

They have gone through the secret mormon rituals required to join the ranks of The Order. And it's these sexual experiences, guided by men of the priesthood, that really changed the boys' lives.

As intended, their Mormon missions served as an all male sexual education.

On their last night in the field, the boys are wired, bursting with nervous energy. Wrestling in their garments had been a bit of spontaneous fun, but it did little to wear them out.

If anything, grappling with each other's fit bodies had only made them hungry for cock.

And then the two showered together. Each looking at the other boy's body, slick and shining, giving them both boners. And the possibility of sex with President Woodruff, whom they knew must be watching, made their hard dicks leak copious precum.

Hoping they had an audience, they groped each other shamelessly.

Horny as they are, they're still Mormon boys, and so they would never undermine President Woodruff's authority. They wait for permission from him to fuck, and when he doesn't give it, they towel off and hop into bed with him.

The two boys can't sleep, obviously. Their minds are overheating with fantasies of all the things they would like to do to each other…and the president.

And when President Woodruff falls asleep, the missionaries take the opportunity to kiss each other, timidly at first, and then louder and harder as they get carried away.

Elder Larsen climbs on top of Isaacs, and he can feel his rock hard cock pulsing against his belly. He frees the cock from the garments and wraps his lips around it.

Elder Isaacs tries to stay silent, but he can't help moaning as Larsen throats his erection.

The noise wakes President Woodruff, who also has a boner from watching the boys play in the shower.

But he doesn't stop them. He watches as Larsen passionately services Isaacs' cock.

The president reflects on the remarkable scene in front of him. A few months ago these two boys were total virgins. But like most horny Mormon boys, after two years in total isolation with other boys, and a little guidance from the brethren, they've undergone a very natural transformation and taken to sex with men.

And they will make fine gay return missionaries, recruiting other young men for the Order at the church-owned university BYU.

Then, finally, he joins the boys. He gets up and makes out with Isaacs, pulling Larsen over to swallow his own cock.

As Larsen switches between his priesthood leader's cock and the other missionaries, his dick throbs. He loves Elder Isaacs' big meaty ass, and he wants to drill it.

President Woodruff senses what Larsen would like to do, and he decides to give both of the returning missionaries – as well as himself – a final night of fucking.

“Elder Larsen,” he says. “Show me what you've learned on your mission. I want to see you pound your companion.”

Elder Larsen pushes his excruciatingly hard and rather thick cock into Isaacs, watching closely as the hole swallows his tool. He loses himself to the sensations as President Woodruff puts his hand on boy's ass to assist in driving Larsen's erection into Elder Isaacs as deeply as possible.

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