♺ All Worlds Video - Black Balled #6 - Under The Hood

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-02-28 |

The action gets off to a splendid start with a slow, deft seduction by
hot-bodied stud Tiger. Tiger's shaved head, sensuous lips, and
washboard abs prove irresistible to Dean, and when he gets a mouthful
of Tiger's big, thick meat, there's no turning back. Using the set after
shooting hours as their playground, the studs in the cast gradually join
the scene until Dean is faced with eight studs in heat, and it's Dean's
lucky day, because there has never been a hotter group of studs on
hand for a gangbang. Personal favorites like Jack Simmons, Kamrun
and Marc Williams are as great as ever, but there are also impressive
men I've never seen before like Eddie Diaz, Malik, and the gasp-inducing,
horse-hung Nick Da'Kannon (I can hear the "Uh-uh, no ways" already).

The opener is a marathon suck session, with Dean's ruby-red lips
stretching happily around every cock thrust into his face. His velvety
brown eyes often lustily gaze upward, and you it's obvious that Dean
is enjoying the hell out of it when he makes the studs moan with
pleasure. Those moans come often, thanks to Dean's superior
deep-throating abilities. The only time Dean seems to -- almost -� gag
is when he downs Nick's pole, which is rather like watching a circus
sword swallower go about his work.

Gradually, the gang's all there, and Dean continues his ravenous
mouth work while his ass is spread wide open to be tongue-fucked
by each stud on hand. Dean's pucker glistens in the spotlight, juiced
by all the spit, winking at the lens, and you have to wonder how all
that dick is going to find its way inside that tight little hole.

And just when it seems that fucking is the next sequence coming,
director Chi Chi LaRue throws us a curve. It may be unexpected, but
it's hot as hell when the fucking is delayed by a gang-face-sitting,
with Dean's handsome mug providing the accommodations. Each hunk
splays his legs over Dean's face for a tongue-lashing, his dick swaying
in front, his asshole and balls completely exposed for the camera, and
Dean's insatiable mouth never lets up for a second.

When the fucking gets going, it's immediately apparent that Dean's
tight little hole is going to have no problems taking on every man in
the cast, and Aron Ridge gets first honors, slamming Dean from
behind. Dean makes excellent noise as he's being fucked, thanks to
his mouth being unencumbered for the first time during this marathon
session, and multiple angles of the fucking shows off the particular
charms of each stud as he takes his turn with Dean (twice). Later,
Dean holds his legs apart, and takes it missionary, and hairy Malik
is especially hot to watch as he prongs Dean with his massive meat.
The penultimate segment shows that Dean's tight little hole can take
even more than one huge cock, with Aron and Eddie stretching it out
in a sizzling double-fuck.

One by one, the studs unload, and by the time all eight have shot
their loads, Dean's chiseled upper body, face, and neck are soaked
with cum. Dean's load is last to blow, and after that he is surrounded
by strong hands that stroke his body, rubbing the cream into his skin.

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