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Starring: Ray Dragon, Dred Scott, Carlos Marquez, Jake Marshall, Chad Williams, Carlos Morales, Rick Hollander, Matthew York and Ben Jakks.

  Bruce Cam and the men of TitanMen have done it again! They have put together great-looking men having incredible sex in a stunning outdoor setting to make one of the hottest videos of the year. Actually, one of the hottest videos ever! Titan is always known for its rugged butch men going at it, but has also experimented with a "softer side," showing the guys in more loving, sensual relationships. Gorge is the video that bridges the two, showing muscular, hairy studs fucking their brains out,but smiling and kissing while they do it. It might not sound revolutionary, but when these hunks fuck, you can tell they are getting off as much as you are.

Filmed in the Grand Canyon, most of the action takes place deep in a gorge with a river flowing through it. The scenery is breathtaking and would be worth watching alone, if it weren't for the sizzling sex taking place. Fan-fave Dred Scott roams the gorge, watching the men arrive and having sex with them, like a spiritual shaman and welcome wagon. Handsome and hairy Ray Dragon takes a nap and dreams that he's traveling along the river, where he sees Scott on the shore. After some hot lip locking, the two bearded studs swap spit-drooling blow jobs. Dragon happily gags on Scott's big bone, getting face-fucked over and over. Scott not only swallows Dragon's hairy rod but also laps away at his furry crack and hot little pucker. Scott ends up shooting his load, making it look like Old Faithful has gone off in the Grand Canyon! Dragon shoots his load as well and then wakes up. Very hot oral action between two very hot masculine guys.

Scott next watches from a cliff as cute smooth muscle stud Carlos Marquez and handsome lean hairy Chad Williams frolic in the river. After making out Marquez gives Williams head while he drives their speedboat back to camp. Back on the shore, the duo falls all over each other, kissing and hugging, which leads Marquez back to slurping away on Williams' gorgeous cock. Sucking turns into fucking as Williams rims and then rams his eager partner's ass. These guys are so passionate and playful as they get into the sex tha it makes this scene white-hot. Marquez is a perfect cocksucking, deep-throating, dick pig, eager for it at either end, and Williams is gorgeous, has a super-hot, lean, hairy bod and a big, thick boner that just won't quit. What totally makes the scene is these two hotties smiling and kissing the entire time. You'll wish you were there with them!

There's more frolicking in the river, this time though its Dragon and blond but hairy Matthew York. These guys also playfully make out before swimming ashore to get it on. Nearby are Scott and his pal Jake Marshall. Both pairs watch each other as the guys all suck cock and kiss. Marshall can't take the pressure, though, and his dick shoots while York gets his cute face fucked by Dragon's big hairy pole. They put on an intense show of deep-throating and rimming before Dragon sticks his cock up York's tan butt. Dragon pounds away before shooting his load on his partner, only for them to be joined by Scott. Both studs deep-throat Scott's thick pole before it ends up York's perfectly round booty. Scott fucks hard only to pull out and stick his rock-hard meat up Marshall's ass. York and Dragon kiss and jack off to the hot fucking going on, but once they cum, Scott and Marshall take off to go fuck in a different part of the canyon. They keep sucking, rimming and fucking until both guys shoot huge loads. Though still playful, this whole scene is much more intense but still tender.

In a wooded part of the canyon, hikers Carlos Morales, Ben Jakks and Rick Hollander stop and take a piss break that turns into a lot more. Jakks and Morales take turns sucking cocks until all three studs shoot their loads on Morales' perfectly sculpted bod. The action continues with Morales on all fours getting it from both ends - a perfect position for this super-hot performer! There's lots of hot rimming, and Morales takes a pounding from Jakks' big black cock before they switch positions and it's Morales thick meat up Jakks' hole. Hollander's fat rod takes its turn up Jakks' ass as well before all three studs shoot all over Jakks' muscle bod.

The last scene starts out kinda funny, as Marquez is out looking for firewood and comes across Scott. Marquez is spooked by the naked spiritual stud and runs back to his tent while Williams investigates what's going on. Scott and Williams hit it off, and soon they are both getting their beautiful cocks sucked by a now-eager Marquez. Scott mounts Marquez' rock-hard muscle ass while the bottom boy sucks on Williams' gorgeous pole. After a good, hard pounding, everyone shoots their load on the muscle stud. Surprisingly, that's exactly where the movie ends - no explanation of who or what Scott is.
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