♺ AMG Brasil - Suruba - Pecado - Test For The Forbidden Fruit

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-06-09 |
AMG Brasil - Suruba - Pecado - Test For The Forbidden Fruit

Country:  Brazil

Studio :  Athletic Model Guild - AMG, AMG Brasil

Cast:  Will Castelo, Ricardo Onça, Junior Ronaldo, Renzo Castelli, Fael Fernandes, Carlos Rossi, Bob Padilla

Director:  Dennis Bell

In April 16, 2007, AMG Brasil announced the release of its latest orgy title, Suruba: Pecado. The film, which is a loose recreation of the Biblical creation story, is the seventh hardcore feature from the studio.

Because of the stories origin, Pecado (Portuguese for sin) may raise a few more questions than the typical porn. Like, what if when God created man, he only created man? What if the first humans were Adam and Adam, not Adam and Eve? Is Brasil really the Garden of Eden? Is that a serpent in your Speedo...?

In Suruba: Pecado, AMG Brasil’s President, Dennis Bell explores the possibilities of a decidedly more testosterone-driven original sin. The film has all of the components of the original tale of Eden, minus the pussy. There is the Tree of Knowledge, here a Caju (cashew) apple is substituted for the traditional Granny Smith variety; temptation comes in the form of a bronzed bubble butt; and serpents abound, only this time they are uncut and connected to hard caramel bodies.

So where does Bell’s tale deviate from the Bible’s? Aside from the lack of a fairer sex, humility does not factor in. Post-mastication, neither Adam nor Adam (Will Castelo and Junior Ronaldo) is embarrassed by his nudity. In fact, as soon as the caju apples hit their stomachs, their trunks hit the ground and the rest is rewriting history.

Bell said he chose the tale because it had all the elements of a perfect porn, and it’s always nice to stick it to the man.

You have a built-in lush green setting and two naked, sinful humans, Bell said. It’s like the story was begging to be made into porn. Temptation, sin, nudity it’s like the Church had set it up and was just waiting for someone to bite. No pun intended. But really, what’s better than taking a story that completely excludes the gay community and flipping the meaning?

Suruba: Pecado does more than just flip the meaning, it subverts it. In the AMG Brasil creation story, cover boy Will Castelo comes across a slim and chiseled Junior Ronaldo sucking a yellow fruit high in a cashew tree. Ronaldo throws an apple to the curious twink and tells him to take a bite. After they finish the fruit, a chain of sinful events culminates in a 7-man orgy.

Unlike the Bible story, Adam and his companion aren’t the only humans alive, and they certainly aren’t the only ones submitting to temptation. Once the world’s first dick has been sucked, groups of fornicating Brazilian muscle hunks begin popping up all over, and they fuck like they’ve never fucked before, oh wait, they haven’t.

So, if the first humans were both men, how did the human race develop?

Who fucking cares? Bell asked. This is porn. What matters here is that the men are gorgeous, fit, fucking-machines; the cum shots are close up; and the chemistry between the actors is explosive. If the human race doesn’t persist after the Pecado orgy, at least everyone came.

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