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Original upload: 2015-10-29 |
breeder fuckers / straoght hell
Yuris thought he could slack off work for the afternoon to go down to the pub for a cheeky pint. This hetero has no idea he's being followed by two men determined to have their perverted way with him. Down in the stinky bogs of the pub they finally get their chance. With the door blocked they seize him and tie him up so he can't escape. He's left utterly helpless as his clothes are cut up leaving him stark bollock naked. Yuris spouts an endless stream of angry insults so he's gagged to shut him up. Just moments before this big masculine stud was sat in the pub like a lord of the manor and now he's strung up totally vulnerable to whatever these perverted men want to do to him. They suck his cock and taste his straight arsehole at the same time. Since he still moans like an ungrateful fucker they teach him manners whipping his big bare arse. His arsehole is so tight they have to shove their fingers hard up inside him to loosen his sphincter.
This prick is so quick to shout faggot and now he's going to be turned into one. With the stink of the toilets filling his nostrils, Yuris feels what it's like to have a meaty hard cock ramming his arse repeatedly. At the same time he's ordered to service the man's arse which is pushed in his face. There is no escape. While other men are enjoying their pints just on the other side of the locked door, this big dumb hetero is being royally fucked over and sexually humiliated.

Enjoy !!
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