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DreamBoyBondage - Danny

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Part 1:
Our new house slave, Danny, 22, isn't the brightest boy. We tell him he will be subject to immediate punishment if he makes even the tiniest misstep. He's allowed out of the house once a day for a jog, to keep him fit. While out, he pauses to check out a neighbor's car, after being told not to stop for any reason. We immediately knock him out and drag him to the dungeon, where he's stripped and whipped. The slave begs for mercy but his punishment will only get worse.

Part 2:
After a short interlude, we continue to whip Danny's back. This boy has to learn that even the smallest mistake will be punished severely. Just when he thinks his punishment is over, we place four clothespins on his whipped nipples. Then we whip him again. The pain is unbearable. We let him hang with the nipple clips for hours, until he nearly passes out. He wakes up when we rip the clips off and pound his super sensitive nips. He can't believe how harsh his punishment is - and it's just begun.

Part 3:
Slave Danny's punishment is unrelenting. Just when he thinks he will be cut down, things only get worse. His wrists are tied and pulled up tight, displaying his lean torso perfectly. Then we ring his pecs with clothespins. The pain grows with each addition. The clips hurt even more on his tight abs, but getting clipped on the dick is the worse. "Please stop," he begs just before a big fat one is placed on the tip of his cock.

Part 4:
Rarely has one of our slaves suffered as badly as Danny. He has dozens of clips placed on his chest, abs, dick and, now, both ass cheeks. On top of all that, his dick and balls are roped and stretched. The clips are then ripped off his belly and the welts are whipped mercilessly. Nearly every sensitive part of Danny's body suffers simultaneously, and there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Part 5:
Danny is the quintessential new slave. He is nervous and jittery, but he takes his punishment willingly. He begs for the pain to stop, but he knows his place in the world is to serve and to suffer. He just never thought his suffering would be so severe. Hot wax is poured all over his beaten and bruised body - on his nipples, his inner thigh, even his dick. He screams and buckles but he takes it.

Part 6:
Seeing his master approach with a whip, Danny tenses up, anticipating the pain, but he can't believe how much the whip hurts. Pulling off the wax hurts even more as hundreds of tiny body hairs are ripped away. Worse is yet to come. Danny has been with a just few boys and has never been fucked - until now. The dildo goes in hard, with slow, shallow thrusts that get deeper and faster. When the rape is finally over, the boy is stretched even tighter and left alone for the night to contemplate his life as a fuck slave.

Part 7:
Danny's ankles are tied to the legs of a small table. He's ordered to lie back, his arms pulled tight, arching his back painfully. We love displaying a slave's torso this way, lean muscles stretched under taut skin. His hairless, creamy body is such an inviting target for the whip. His master is unrelenting. Several times, Danny thinks the whipping is finally over, but the blows begin again, harder.

Part 8:
Our new slave boy Danny has been severely punished. He's spent hours bent over a small table, unable to move, his torso arched painfully. He's been whipped front and back, his complete lack of body fat making the beatings even worse. Once untied Danny is ordered to cum. He obediently lies back and gives his master access to his cock. The massive load of cum he delivers proves some boys love to be punished.
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