♺ [Tom Ropes McGurk] Master Classes

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Original upload: 2015-04-02 |
In Master Classes, the smooth young star of Charm School, Curt Thomas, returns to serve two men. Newcomer Tom Hughes is the first to tie Curt tight and use him. Shaving his pits and putting him on the infamous bamboo pole, Curt sucks and serves with a hard dick. Master David then takes Curt through a series of tight bondage and humiliation scenes. Butt munching and dick sucking, Curt struggles on. Then a shaved crotch and a hard whipping only arouse this smooth slave. Finally Curt is allowed to cum but only while upside down. Curt was born to serve, and it shows!

Thanks a lot to those who will give Seed Bonus Points. ^_^
2023-03-16 18:34:26
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