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Wrestling Steev Steel vs Devon Cade

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DescriptionIn his return to BG East, Steev gives us a glimpse of what he does to keep those huge mounds of muscle in shape as he pumps up in preparation for his match with Devon. Upon entering the matroom, Steev flexes for an anxious, admiring and drooling Devon, even taunting as he flexes, ?Are you SURE you want to take on this?? The glint in Devon's eyes and the stirring in his tight black jeans answer that question fast! Steev wastes no time in making it known just what he wants from this stud, utilizing sexy scissors, sexier schoolboy pins and anything he can think of to plant his growing bulge in Devon?s pretty face. Before he knows it, Devon is stripped out of his tight jeans and down to his even tighter white under briefs. Soon Devon is submitting to Steev?s superior muscle and howling as his pecs get squeezed and his stretchy briefs get wedgied up his butt-crack! But don?t count Devon out just yet! He does some sexy jeans stripping of his own and wraps Steev's denim around his neck before pounding on those big beefy pecs. Things are definitely heating up as the attraction between these two contrasting studs is palpable and obvious. Both these hot hunks are clearly enjoying getting better acquainted!Extracting his own, sweet revenge on Steev, Devon instigates a series of crotch-smotherings of his own and even gets a hard-earned hard-on submission from the bigger muscle hunk! But the sweet taste of victory quickly fades for Devon as Steev dishes out some of the nastiest pec and ab abuse seen in the black grotto. But that's just a warm-up for Steev's main finisher: his big back-breaking, ball-busting bearhug! He repeatedly cranks and grinds the southern boy, crushing his ribs in his manly muscular embrace. It?s only a matter of time before Devon is limp his the bigger man's huge arms and Steev gets the ?I submit? from his very submissive and totally aroused opponent. Steev is ready to finish off his horny, sexy opponent but NOT until he has sufficiently groped and grinded the bursting bulge in Devon?s briefs. The rest of Devon may be limp but his big boy boner is twitching and throbbing, hard as a rock and begging to be man-handled! And so soon is Steev's! It?s only a matter of time before Devon completely submits to Steev's domination and demands, resulting in one hot passionate session of mutual muscle and dick worship with two sets of eager lips and two exciting hard-on-exploding climaxes! A total sizzler!
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