♺ Armani & Gennaro

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Original upload: 2016-02-29 |
I thought Armani and Gennaro had similar builds and would look great together. I always forget just how big Gennaro is. At 6'2" and a bulky build, has some serious mass to him. He makes Armani look like a miniature version!

Armani spends his free time at the beach, surfing, drinking and apparently crashing into stuff. Hence the strange placement of the wristband on his arm, as we not so cleverly try to disguise an injury to his arm. I think he is going to be one of those guys who always has some sort of skin disaster!

He sure is pretty to look at though! He cums so easily from being fucked it be cool make him nut that way, I will definitely try to put him with a dude that can work his cock and ass at the same time. Might be fun to put someone in the driver's seat who can fuck him and stroke him till he cums.

Armani continues to amaze me. The dude loves getting fucked, and he struggles to not cum the entire time he has Gennaro's cock in him. I think we have a professional bottom on our hands! All he has to do is focus a little bit and get fucked at just the right angle, and he is spilling his seed!

Gennaro really nails his cum shot, creaming Armani's ass with his load!

These two look amazing together, especially if you like furry and beefy dudes!

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