BWN Finishing Fresh

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After an epic battle against Snake that culminated a year-long effort by Kidd Fresh on behalf of Stahr Power, the Kidd is KO'd!

In walks Cell!

Kidd Fresh, of course, had himself walked in on Cell a year ago and Stahr Power decimated Cell.

Now it's time for revenge!

Cell immediately goes to work on the ankle that Kidd Fresh injured in his match against Snake, and absolutely punishes him!

Writhing in agony, Kidd Fresh screams in pain, begs off, and pleads for mercy...but he won't find any mercy from Cell!

Cell, back to true form, flattens Fresh with elbows, forearms, spinning neckbreakers, sleepers, figure fours, and much, much more!

After stripping Fresh out of his pro wrestling gear and pads, Cell goes in for the kill...but Kidd Fresh starts to fight back!

Putting Cell in trouble immediately, Kidd Fresh fights for his life as he reminds everyone how tough he really is and why he was the one chosen to spearhead Stahr Power's attempt to take over BWN in the first place...going after Cell's arms, Fresh punches, slams, kicks, and punishes Cell!

Having put his belt on the line, it's starting to look like Cell may have made another miscalculation (like he did when he lost the Undisputed Cell to Sword) and may be about to lose his Brawl title!

But in the end, Kidd Fresh's injury is too much to overcome as Cell focuses like a laser on the injured fighter, finally forcing Kidd Fresh to say two words he's never said before: "I Quit!"
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