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'Air Male' has a very early appearance by Michael Brandon.  It's possibly his first non-solo sex scene; his earliest history is murky though.  He never removes his t-shirt here; legend has it he felt so scrawny from heavy drug use that he refused to strip.  It was shortly after this video that he disappeared from porn for more than five years, incarcerated for a drug-related offense.  He's still hot as you could ever want.

A very simple - and over-utilized - storyline is made all the better in Air Male due to some massive cumloads dumped. The best of these features hubba-hubba covermodel cutie David Rockmore (seen here on the right) unleashing a stream into his own mouth while being plowed. "Top gun," indeed. Lots of buffed and ripped muscle dudes in this very typical Vivid Man flick, made better due to the intensity of some of the sex and the look of the flick overall. Especially noteworthy if you dig military dudes.  -- TLA Video reviewer

Off they go, into the wild blue movie! These aces are wild. They were the top buns of the military. Always ready, artillery loaded, never afraid to put on the uniform... always anxious to take it off. Join Vivid Man as they follow the exploits of these high-flying heroes who keep a plane up for hours and each other up for days. Move up to the cockpit and grab a seat!  -- studio promotional material

1989, 78 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Vivid

Cast:  Ryan Yeager, David Rockmore, Hans Mueller, Sean Lawrence, Matthew Windsor, Jack Lofton, Michael Brandon, Brad Carlton, Rick Coleman

Director:  Patrick Dennis

[Vivid] Air Male (1989)

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