♺ Muscled Alpha Wrestler Diesel Destroys Ajax

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-10-26 |
Buffed alpha stud Diesel is working out when the less muscled Ajax comes and interrupts him. Ajax taunts that Diesel can't do 20 more reps of bicep curls, to which big Diesel pumps out 20 with ease. Diesel then bets Ajax 20 bucks that he can't do 20 reps of what Diesel was doing. Sure enough Ajax struggles and has to give up before getting to 20. Jealous and humiliated at being so shown up, Ajax says technique not power is what matters and bets Diesel $100 instead that he can beat him on the mat. But Ajax soon finds out to his horror that Diesel is simply too powerful for his "technique" to matter. Despite being just 5 foot 7,  Diesel is built like a Diesel truck with massively muscled arms that burst with power, and 210 lbs of pure muscle. And aggression seems to be his middle name on the mat as he wipes the floor with "pretty boy" Ajax from the start, Ajax scarcely can get a move in.

When Diesel quickly scores two back to back submissions that see Ajax screaming out in pain, he tells Ajax he now owes him $200. Ajax clearly doesn't have the money though, and bets double or nothing that he'll get the next submission. But Diesel's bowling ball biceps and flaring traps ensure that ain't happening. Ajax is subjected to multiple bearhugs, boston crabs, ab stretches, full nelsons, and headlocks. By the time Diesel gets a third submission and $400, Ajax still keeps digging himself deeper with his double or nothing bet. How much money will Ajax owe Diesel in the end? An eye popping camel clutch that sees Diesel's whole upper torso exploding with veiny muscle power ensures that Ajax will be in debt to Diesel for a long time to come!
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