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Treasure Island Media - BruthaLoad Vol 2

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BruthaLoad 2
distributor Treasure Island Media released 2007 length 100
category J/O
studio Treasure Island Media
rating out of 4 non rated
produced 2001
type Amateur
location U.S.
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Antonio (tim)
Blink2000 (tim)
James (tim)
Jerome (tim)
Jordan (tim)
Santino (tim)
Snipes (tim)
Yahroe (tim)
source: promotional material
Feelin' that need for the white-hot sexual heat of super Black studs? We got a whole gang of hung Bruthas ready to show off and squirt a hot load for ya.
Check 'em ALL out.
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source: promotional material
SANTINO Age 32, 6' 1", 190#, a TRUE 11.5" cock.
A truly majestic stallion of a man. Straight, a landscaper and a world-traveler. Santino is into both good Scotch and great weed. He loves fucking frisky White girls in risky places. Best sex he's had? Fucking Swedish 18 year old twins in an airport toilet in Stockholm.

JEROME Age 31, 5' 8", 170#, 8" cock.
Currently working as a plumber's apprentice. Wasted too much time actin' roguish and had some run-ins with the law when younger. Jerome says he "might be" bi, but wouldn't divulge if he's ever had sex with a guy. Has a bit of danger in his eyes, making him sexy as hell.

SNIPES Age 39, 5' 8", 200#, 7.5" cock.
Snipes is a full-time janitor who came to us to make some easier money. "I'm not a real ambitious man. If I can get fuckin' paid for playing with myself, I'll do it." And it's a fuckin' beautiful piece of ebony wood, too.

JAMES Age 29, 6' 4", 175#, 8.5" cock.
James is a total straight man who makes his living as a musician. He plays horn for a few jazz ensembles and nightclub singers, but the local scene can be hit-or-miss for good-paying gigs. Without doubt though, one of the finest most beautiful cocks we've ever laid eyes on.

BLINK2000 Age 41, 5' 10", 190#, 7" fat cock.
Blink2000 is a UPS driver. He's more straight than anything else but has been known to let guys blow him "if the money is right and my ball-gauge is at full."

YAHROE Age 28, 6' 2", 170#, 8.5" cock.
Yahroe loves getting his big dick sucked and doesn't care who kneels before him. "So long as they swallow the swimmers, I don't care who they are." Admits to having sucked dick himself, but "Pussy makes for a more satisfying repast."

JORDAN Age 22, 6' 6", 187#, 9.5" cock.
Jordan wouldn't tell us much of anything about himself, so we have no idea what he does for a living or what makes him tick. All we know is that he's a man of few words and one huge fuckin' cock. He teased us with it, refused to take off the sunglasses, took his pay after he shot a huge load, and then disappeared into the San Francisco fog.

ONYX Age 34, 6', 185#, 8" cock.
Onyx is a handyman and general property manager for an apartment complex in Oaktown. He spends all of his spare time jerking off and watching porn. "I'm addicted to the shit, man. I'll bust nut after nut, all day long. I got no social life at all."

ANTONIO Age 26, 5' 10", 170#, 8.5" cock.
Half Black, half Latin, Antonio exudes an intense sexy confidence that drove us all crazy. His cock is perfection, and he himself was a handsome charmer. This is one of those rare men who carry an aura of incredible heat around them. As Antonio milked a big load out of his fat perfect cock, we almost forgot where we were.

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