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♺ Pantheon - Bears in Paradise

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-05-11 |
In Bears in Paradise, Pantheon's third hot all-bear video, we travel to beautiful, sun-drenched Florida where the heat from that burning orb in the sky pales in comparison to the heat generated by the furry, beefy and oh-so-horny bears we meet there.

These 11 amazing bear-men epitomize all that we love about this special breed of man - Hairy, Horny, Handsome, Hung and never one to let the opportunity to get their dicks nice and wet pass them by.

The five hot outdoor scenes feature Pantheon Exclusive and uber-bear Rik Kappus in a hot pondside fuck with Pantheon new-comer Butch Grand (damn is he handsome...), furry, fuckable daddies Tim Kelly and Nick Moretti sweating and fucking by a swimming pool, sexy cub Dallas and big bear Owen Mitchell blowing each other on a lazy afternoon, swarthy and uncut Marc Angelo stroking his lovely meat for us in a hot tub, and finally Karl Williams, Rusty McMann, Hart Caldwell and Dave Skavo fucking the day away in a sling and anywhere else they can in another steamy outdoor fuck.

Bears in Paradise - because it isn't paradise until the bears get there.


Poolside with Tim Kelly and Nick Moretti:
At a gorgeous private pool we find handsome and hung daddies Tim Kelly and Nick Moretti playfully tossing each other about in the water. It's clear from the start that there's more than horsing around going on.  There's a spark, which is usually dangerous around water, but in this case the spark leads to heat, which leads to the swimsuits floating in the pool.  These two studs revel in sucking each other's huge cocks for a long time before Tim hones in on Nick's very sweet and hairy hole.  After licking and sucking Nick's sweet hole, Tim gets the usually top Nick on a deck chair for some good hard fucking.  Watching these two hairy studs go at it will make you sweat too!

Marc Angelo:
Furry, beefy and uncut Marc Angelo is soaking himself in a hot tub in the early morning light.  The heat of the water and the heat of the sun are too much for Marc to resist and he begins to stroke first his body and then his cock.  You'll enjoy watching this handsome bear show off for you as he blows a huge, milky load on his belly.

Pondside with Rik Kappus and Butch Grand:
On the outdoor deck of a Florida resort, uber-bears Rik Kappus and Butch Grand are making out by a koi-filled pond.  There's no pretense here.  We know and they know why they're there.   Butch is the first to fall to his knees and get his mouth around Rik's hot meat, but Rik loves to suck, and is well-skilled at it too, so he works Butch's hot cock to a nice hard, glistening perfection.  That cock is very hot and Rik's furry hole is very hungry so Butch is the first to plow right in.  Soon, though, it's Rik's turn and he gets Butch on his back and his belly as Rik works his bear-tool in and out of Butch's dark, hairy ass.   The Koi are jumping as these two bears fuck away and you will be two as they both blow nice sweet loads.

Bear Blow with Dallas and Owen Mitchel:
We remain at the resort and sexy cub Dallas is getting big bear Owen Mitchel all hot with some deep kisses.  Dallas has got a way with his eyes -- sleepy, sexy, pleading - that make a daddy bear want to just eat him up.  So Owen does lots of eating.  He eats on Dallas' cock and he eats on his sweet man-hole.  Dallas does some eating too, sucking on Owen's nice hard  tool.  But it's really about getting Dallas to that point -  that wonderful, mad, out-of-control point where he's about to blow onto his furry stomach.  He gets there and you will too.

Four on Deck: Karl Williams, Rusty McMann, Hart Caldwell and Dave Skavo:
Still at the resort, four hot daddy bears Karl, Rusty, Hart and Dave are clothed but clearly not for long.  They know and we know they're about to have some hot, outdoor fun.  The first in the nearby sling is hungry bottom-bear Dave, who in quick succession takes Rusty, Hart and Karl's big dicks.  He loves to get fucked and he proves it here.  Karl, though, likes it both ways and he is next to jump in the sling for both Rusty and Hart.  Then these hot guys pair off for a while, as Karl and Hart stay at the sling for some fun finger play (Karl likes Hart's fingers exploring his used hole) and Rusty gets back on and in Dave's hole on a nearby bench.  All that fucking does its job and these four hot bears, one after the other, begin to produce nice, hot, mouth-watering loads.  We're sure you'll produce a finger-licking load yourself as you watch these four masculine studs go at it

Released: April 13, 2009
Studio: Pantheon Productions
Starring:  Tim Kelly, Nick Moretti, Rik Kappus, Butch Grand, Dallas, Rusty McMann, Karl Williams, Hart Caldwell, Owen Mitchel, Dave Skavo, Marc Angelo
Directed by Walter Romero and Chris Roma.
Running time: 82 minutes.

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