PowerMen Pack - Dominus, Mauricio & Varik

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DescriptionDominus Stone - Do as Dominus Does

Dominus Stone is a pretty young musclepup, and like all pretty young things, he's used to a little too much attention. After all, though the smart money certainly has no problem matching the words "pretty", "muscle", "men", and "bodybuilder" all in the same sentence, there are those left-brain-only muscle admirers who can't quite work it out, equating "pretty" muscleboys as not "men" or "manly". Dominus' solution? Stay cool, hang tough, work out it. So do as Dominus does. Chill. And play.

Mauricio Pimento - Why Rio is not boring!

Hot chili pepper Mauricio Pimento traveled all the way from his little seaside Brazilian home city of Jôao Pessoa to be in Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval, but when he got to town, everything was sooo much more expensive than he had anticipated....Not a problem for the pragmatic, hot-blooded muscleman. Heading off into the crowds (where we were lurking with our cameras), he caught our eye, and lifted his shirt to give us a quick preview of his ripped and solid abs....and when he pressed his big hands to the fly of his shorts, and we caught a glimpse of the solid bulge beneath.....Let's just say that soon enough we had the eager 22-year old in our suite, all set to go and ready to play!

Varik Best - HVAC Man

Knowledge of Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are prerequisites for any good facilities man. Intimate knowledge of What's Hot, How to Vent It, and How Good Your Conditioning Is, are equally important prerequisites of any hot bodybuilder. Lucky we found Varik Best, one hot musclehunk ambling over from MH.com, who happens to have talents in all of the above. He not all shows the goods - he actually managed to fix our malfunctioning A/C unit. No malfunctions were apparent in his unit.

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