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♺ str8hell Milan Pokorny - HOT ASS

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2016-08-07 |
Milan Pokorny is laying on the bed wearing only his underwear. He is running his hands over his body and down to his groin. He slips a hand into the underwear groping himself. Then the other hand goes in as well. A helping hand arrives and starts to feel Miilan's chest before helping him off with his underwear. Milan rubs his cock and balls as the helping hand rubs some oil into his chest. The hands move down Milan's body taking hold of his cock. Oil is rubbed onto the cock as the hands play with it and with the balls. Milan's legs are pulled up into the air and he hold them in place so his tight hole is exposed. Oil is rubbed over the hole too. Then a finger slips inside the tight hole. It gently fucks into the hole going nice and deep. Then the finger is replaced by a vibrator which fucks the tight hole. Milan takes the vibrator well. It comes out and his hole gets more oil rubbed onto it. Two fingers then push into the hole with Milan moaning as he feels them. The fingers are removed and a thick dildo pushes up against the ass hole. It slips inside, stretching the hole nicely as it fucks in and out. As it comes out Milan's ass opens up as the ass cheeks are pulled further apart. He turns over and up onto his knees. Oil is applied to the ass and rubbed all over the cheeks as another toy is pushed into that hot hole. It goes in nice and deep with Milan moaning as it fucks him. As that ass is fucked the toy goes in al lthe way and then is pulled out. Milan moans as it pushes in again really opening him up. He turns over again legs up over his head with a finger working his hole some more. Then Milan drops his legs and wanks himself. His cock gets nice and hard as he wanks and soon his cock releases a nice, creamy, load of cumm which Milan rubs into his body.
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