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Broke Straight Boys Solo Pack

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DescriptionA Collection of 16 Solo Clips from Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys - Gage Owens Solo.mp4

Duration: 19:38
Res. 1280x720
Rel. June 17th, 2015

Gage Owens, our fresh meat here in the studio, is from Texas and got here on a referral from a friend. He’s got plans on helping his family with the money he earns on BSB, and as noble as that sounds, Gage has a naughty side! He’s recorded himself jacking off before, and now we get to see it too! But before we get to see Gage touch himself, he’s gotta undress first, and he loses his clothes piece by piece and shows us his tattooed, tanned, and toned body…and his huge cock!

He takes a seat and start working his dick, focusing mostly on the tip of his prick as he strokes it quickly. As he gets more comfortable, he decides to lie down on the couch and touch himself more, sliding his hand up and down his thick shaft. Gage closes his eyes as he focuses on the feeling of his own hand around his throbbing member, and his body gets tense as he gets more engrossed in the feeling and closer to cumming. When he’s about to shoot his hot load, he stands up and strokes his dick hard and fast until he busts a nut onto the glass table and finishes with a few more solid strokes then tastes his own jizz!
Broke Straight Boys - Kayden Winters Solo.mp4

Duration: 16:55
Res. 1280x720
Rel. June 3rd, 2015

Welcome Kayden Winters, our newest model here on Broke Straight Boys! This well-groomed, inked, and toned guy is sitting in front of us today because he needs some extra cash to pay off his debt…and to fund his expensive shopping habit. As long as we get to see this guy’s big cock, we’re more than happy to throw some extra dough at him!

This sexy Colorado native certainly doesn’t seem camera shy as he strips off his clothes and climbs onto the bed, giving us a delicious view of his perfect ass! When he turns around, he lies back and strikes a nice pose as he starts to massage his dick, getting hard in a second as he strokes it faster and faster, playing with his balls as he closes his eyes and enjoys the sensation of touching himself.

As he masturbates, his hips instinctively thrust up and down as he grabs himself and reaches down between his legs, slowly sliding his middle finger up his ass while his other hand works his big cock. This dude must love his ass played with because he continues to finger himself while he jerks his dick faster and harder until he unleashes his thick load all over his abs! From the looks of his solo scene, we don’t think Kayden will have any problems with bottoming…when the time comes!
Broke Straight Boys - Dustin Powers Solo.mp4

Duration: 19:21
Res. 1280x720
Rel. May 20th, 2015

Let’s give Dustin Powers a nice, warm welcome to Broke Straight Boys! It’s his first time on camera with us, but not his first time dabbling in porn…he’s done a couple scenes elsewhere, but he still needs some extra dough and was referred to us by a friend. If Dustin’s dark eyes and warm smile don’t draw you in, his slim body, pierced nipples and monster cock is sure to do the trick!

When we set him loose, he crawls back onto the bed and starts playing with himself, taking his time as he strokes his shaft and tweaks his nipple ring. His dick just seems to keep growing as he masturbates, getting longer and harder, and Dustin seems relaxed as he yanks that cock. He gives the camera a sly smile as he grabs his balls and starts rubbing his dick a little faster, focusing on the head of his delicious cock as his breathing gets faster and he turns himself on more. Aside from some low moans, this quiet guy doesn’t give us much warning before he’s about to cum, but it’s hot as fuck to watch him drain his cock and let that warm jizz drip down his hand.
Broke Straight Boys - Chandler Scott Solo.mp4

Duration: 19:22
Res. 1280x720
Rel. May 6th, 2015

Chandler Scott is a newbie here, an outdoors man from Vermont looking to get some extra cash to help him through college, so he’s come to the right place to earn some easy money! All he’s got to do for us today is massage his meat and shoot his load, and while he’s never done that in front of a camera before, he doesn’t seem too intimidated by the idea of it.

He makes some sexy eye contact with the camera as he undresses, and when the last article of clothing is on the floor, he sits back and starts rubbing his dick. As he reclines in front of the window, we get to appreciate his toned body, sprinkled with hair in all the right places, and his long dick, growing larger with each stroke of his hand.

He tweaks his nipple while he yanks his big prick, massaging his balls every once in a while. He closes his eyes and starts to work that dick faster now, his toes curling and muscles tensing as he gets closer to releasing his load. Finally, he covers himself with his hot cum, breathing fast and he enjoys the last traces of his orgasm…and his first ever solo scene!
Broke Straight Boys - Brady Bennett Solo.mp4

Duration: 16:40
Res. 1280x720
Rel. April 22nd, 2015

Our newbie Brady Bennett isn’t totally inexperienced in the world of porn, in fact, this web-cam pro is used to people watching him get off and it gets him hard knowing he’s making them cum. So he’s got no problem stripping down and modeling his fine ass and body for us, cock out and back arched as he shows off his stuff.

But as sexy as Brady is, we want to see some action! He takes a seat on starts touching himself, massaging his balls as he yanks on his big dick, focusing on the tip as he gets harder and harder with each stroke. He leans back and closes his eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hand sliding over his slick shaft, up and down, massaging the head and tweaking his nipple as his muscles tighten across his body.

He starts masturbating a little faster now, holding his balls as he grabs his dick and works it, squeezing his eyes shut as he gets closer to release. Finally, with a few more good strokes, he shoots his load and cums everywhere. This was certainly a successful solo scene…we’ll see what he can do with another dude!

He does a headstand, supporting his weight against the wall as he reaches up to jerk himself off, then brings his legs forward and gives us a little sneak peek of his tight hole before giving up on that tricky position and favoring a more comfortable one for the last few minutes of his solo scene. He gets back on the bed and strokes that dick like crazy until he finally shoots his load all over!
Broke Straight Boys - John Henry Solo.mp4

Duration: 26:28
Res. 1280x720
Rel. March 18th, 2015

John Henry is our newest model here in the Broke Straight Boys studio, and this country boy is very easy on the eyes. He’s a farm guy, so he knows how to work hard, but here in the studio we’re going to make this newbie do a new kind of work. We’re starting him off with a solo scene to get him used to the idea of being on camera, but he seems pretty relaxed and doesn’t hesitate to drop his pants when we ask him.

His body is slim and toned from working on the farm, and his uncut cock and fine ass are just an extra bonus to his good personality, but when he lies back and grabs the lube we get to see his serious, sexy side. He works that cock slowly, running his hand up and down the shaft and holding it gently until it starts to get harder, then he rubs it a little faster, moving his hips in a thrusting motion as he plays with his nipple.

He closes his eyes and focuses his hand on the tip of his cock, pulling the foreskin back and letting us see that sensitive tip as he starts going faster and faster. His body tenses up as he gets closer to cumming, until finally he lets out some moans and shoots his load…right onto that cute face!
Broke Straight Boys - Drake Tyler Solo.mp4

Duration: 15:54
Res. 1280x720
Rel. March 11th, 2015

Drake Tyler isn’t new to porn, but he’s new here on Broke Straight Boys, and we are sure glad to have him! This 20-year-old straight guy has a body that’ll make you cum in your pants, and his confidence makes him even more sexy, so he’s not intimidated when we ask him to put on a little show for us.

He drops his pants and starts right in rubbing his cock, yanking it fast and once he gets it a little harder, he gets on the bed and on all fours and we get a delicious view of his perfect ass and tight hole as he works his dick from behind. He lets out some moans as he masturbates, running his hand along his body while his other massages that sweet cock.

His eyes close as he starts stroking his prick harder, stretching himself across the bed, standing, sitting, this stud gives us a good view from every angle until he finally lies back and lets his load fly, shooting that cum everywhere as he thrusts his hips with each squirt. As hot as this solo scene was, we can’t wait to see Drake with another dude!
Broke Straight Boys - Tim.mp4

    Tim is a 20 year old student who is in need of quick cash in order to help pay his student loans, thus, he applied online to Broke Straight Boys and now, he is in the studio to do his solo. Raring to go, Tim stood up and stripped off his t-shirt, revealing a slim but toned upper body before getting all the way naked. Tim, as he held his dick up so that there was a good view of his nicely formed balls, indicated that his dick was around 7 inches. Turning around, he showed off his straight boy ass before sitting back down on
    the sofa.

    Grabbing some lube, Tim worked it along his cock shaft, using both hands to massage it in. Every now and again, Tim would dip down with his fingers, slicking up his balls as he worked on getting hard. It didn't take long for Tim to be able to show off his long, cut dick and I couldn't help but compliment him on such a nice looking cock. As nervous as he had previous said he was, Tim shot the camera an occasional curious glance as he displayed his handy skills. Tim stood up so that I could get a close up of his slim cock that was nestled in a thick bush of blond pubes. As I pulled back the camera, Tim stood slightly on one side, lightly touching himself across the chest and tweaking a nipple even as he continued to jerk himself off.

    His hand sliding up and down the stiff shaft, Tim admitted that he was still a little nervous, however, there was no doubt that he was also enjoying the new experience. In a different move, Tim let the dick slip from his grasp and instead, gently slapped it back and forth so that it swayed from side to side before he went back to slowly working on his cock. A few moments later, Tim went and sat down on the couch arm, his legs spread wide as he started to jerk himself off in earnest. Looking straight at the camera, Tim had a small grin on his face, an all too clear indication that he was getting into the spirit of things. At my request, Tim shifted slightly so that the viewers at home could catch a glimpse of his virgin ass.

    Ever so slightly, Tim touched his ass hole with a finger tip, almost teasing himself with a new sensation. All the while, he slowly fisted his dick. From the looks of things, Tim was clearly wanting to take his time with working his way to orgasm, obviously enjoying himself too much to go faster. Still, it was easy to see that he has worked up a sweat as he used both hands to massage his balls and wank himself off. There was a shift in the way Tim jerked on his dick, instead of long sweeps up and down his shaft, he now tightened his hand around the head of his dick and put a twist into his wrist. It wasn't going to be long before Tim showed off his money shot. Sure enough, as Tim panted hard, cum dribbled down his hard shaft and over his hand.
Broke Straight Boys - Liam Carolla.mp4

    The latest hottie in the studio is Liam Corolla, who, like all Broke Straight Boys, is in desperate need of some quick and easy cash.
    This eighteen year old stands at 5' 7" and weighs in around 130 pounds. His dick is a nice seven inches long and despite never
    being in front of a camera before, Liam exudes a natural confidence. Taking off his t-shirt, Liam revealed tattoos on both arms; a
    large 'respect' on the underside of his left arm and a tattooed lady on his right arm. Liam removed his shoes and socks, joking
    about how he needed to buy some new socks with the money he would be making for his solo session. His shorts quickly hit the
    floor, leaving Liam standing in a pair of blue boxers. At my request, Liam leisurely played with his cock and balls through the soft
    material of his boxers as he described jerking off for the first time when he was in 4th Grade. Turning around, he pulled down his
    undies and showed off his nicely shaped ass to the camera. Facing forwards again, Liam pulled his underwear down to his knees,
    displaying a long cock and a pair of well hung balls.

    Underwear completely taken off and discarded on the floor, Liam settled against the head board of the bed. Wrapping a hand
    around his cock, Liam slowly jerked himself off as he worked on getting his dick hard. Like a lot of new boys, Liam couldn't help but
    glance every now and again towards the camera, however, it was more curiosity than any shyness. Once Liam had a cock that was
    pointing towards the ceiling, he gently caressed his balls with his fingertips. A minute or two later, he shifted up onto his knees, his
    hand never pausing as it slid up and down his thick cock shaft. Liam threw in a couple of classic model poses as the camera panned
    around his slim body but he quickly returned his attention to the task at hand. As he stroked himself faster and faster, Liam lightly
    brushed his fingertips over his chest and nipple before reaching back down and massaging his balls.

    Now that Liam was warmed up and in the zone, I got him to turn around and show off his ass. Once he was facing the wall, Liam
    pushed his ass out even as he kept jerking himself off. As he wanked off, Liam admitted that he had never had anything up his butt
    before, however, he didn't look like he minded the idea of going down that path later on. A moment later, I asked Liam to push his
    dick back through his legs but it was easier said than done as Liam's cock was so hard, it was a difficult move for him. Still, the pose
    did allow for a great close up of his virgin hole once Liam had managed to shove his dick through his legs. A couple of pumps and
    Liam flipped over onto his back again as he came towards the home stretch. With a firm grasp on his dick, Liam put in some hard
    wrist action as he got closer and closer towards showing off his cum shot.

    His hand flying up and down his shaft, Liam was panting with excitement as he teetered on the edge of orgasm. All of a sudden,
    without warning, cum shot high into the air before splattering down over Liam's dick and balls, the cum liberally coating his fingers
    and hand. As promised, it was a huge load, so much so, even Liam seemed surprised by the sheer amount of it.
BSB - Kodi.mp4

    Broke Straight Boys is very pleased to introduce our newest boy, Kodi. He was told about BSB by a friend and as he has just turned 18, he decided to contact BSB to see if we were interested in working with him. Kodi was pleased when we gave him a call as he desperately needs some extra cash in order to buy a new car so that he can get to school and also take his girlfriend, Samantha, out on the town. Although he hasn't done anything like jerk off in front of a camera before, Kodi is cash strapped enough to give it a go. Still laying on the bed, Kodi slid off his jeans and underwear, his t-shirt following and revealed a toned body with hints of a six pack.

    Wrapping a hand around his cock, Kodi quickly worked on getting a hard on and after only a few minutes of tugging on his long dick, Kodi was rock hard. Rolling his hips, Kodi slowly fucked his fist, all the while, panting as he got more and more turned on by the porn. Kodi shifted onto his knees and as he did so, he showed off quite an impressive set of low hanging balls that gently swayed back and forth as he kept fucking his own hand. As he started to get into the flow of things, Kodi was panting in pleasure as he relished the feel of a tight hand around his thick shaft. Every now and again, Kodi looked at the camera, obviously turned on by it's presence and unable to resist flirting with it just a little bit. As his hand slipped back and forth along his shaft, Kodi moaned to himself as he got lost in the moment.

    At my suggestion, Kodi turned around and lay down on his stomach. As he pushed his clothes out of the way, he pulled his cock down between his legs so that it could be seen between his legs. With a tight grip on the mattress, Kodi began fucking the bed as he would his girlfriend. The longer he kept fucking the bed, the more he began to rub his dick up and down the bed sheet, obviously relishing the friction. By now, Kodi was panting from all his hard work. Moving back onto his knees, Kodi reached between his legs and started to jerk himself off again. Head down, bum up, Kodi's hand was flying up and down his cock even as he shot a sultry glance towards the camera. Reaching behind with both hands, Kodi pulled apart his ass cheeks, allowing the camera a great shot of his virgin ass. I told him to slap his ass and with no hesitation, Kodi gave his ass cheek a hard slap.

    That seemed to have turned Kodi on all the more as he grinned widely even as he massaged the red handprint that decorated his ass. Pressing his face down on the bed, Kodi jerked himself off in earnest as he chased an orgasm. At my hint, he shoved his dick through his legs again before rolling back over and sitting up against the head board. Cock in hand, Kodi stripped his dick furiously, only pausing to dab some lube on his dick. As he grunted and groaned in pleasure, a jet of cum shot over his stomach and thigh before it dribbled down his shaft.
BSB - Carter Blane.mp4

    Twenty-year old Carter Blane is in our studio today. The skinny lad originally was living with his
    girlfriend. However, that set-up didn't last (dear straight woman: we need to talk about letting the
    cute ones get away). He's living on his own now, and needs an additional revenue stream.

    "Just got bills to pay," Carter says.

    He takes off his shirt, and it's clear he's been tanning. He's just returned from vacation (lucky guy).
    Whendescribing what he usually does for fun, Carter sounds like a laid back beach denizen.

    "Hang out. Party. Go to the beach."

    When it comes to jerking off, his set up is pretty routine. Nothing too outlandish.

    "In bed, with the computer, at night."

    Lotion might be an option, but it has to be close enough to be reached. If not, Carter will make do.
    He's never stroked around the guys or jerked off in front of a camera. Despite this, he's always
    been curious about his Curious George. Carter has six years of cock playing behind him.

    He's a boxers guy ("All the way"), but the underwear can't hide Carter is packing something fierce.
    He's never taken a measurement himself, but people have offered size suggestions.

    "I've been told seven,' Carter says.

    When he finally shows the goods, even the cameraman is amazed. Anyone notice it's the skinny
    dudes with the monster meat? Carter's curves toward him a bit, slender and slim like its owner.

    He pumps himself at an unhurried pace, making sure to go from the base to the tip of the head. He
    eventugs at those melt in the mouth balls.

    Carter may be a little nervous, but the sighs prove all we need to know. This guy is horny! He
    stands up and plays with both nipples, tiny little things that require a test drive.

    He sits back down, but declines a little show of his butt. When asked, he smiles, shakes his head
    no, and keeps slapping his cock. Such a macho top!

    The camera is gone. Sure it's there and we are transfixed at Carter's handiwork, but he's not
    putting on a show anymore. He's all about coaxing a load out of that bald-headed beauty.

    Carter acknowledges the audience once with a raffish smile that is certain to make him a BSB
    favorite. If he's not already (smile).

    Carter is a low key orgasmer. No loud protestations or body shakes. However, his load is
    abundant. Enough to fill a lucky guy's belly or coat the insides of a worthy man hole.

    When asked if he might be up for another visit, the rakish grin returns.

    "Definitely,"Carter responds.
BSB - Blake Bennet.mp4

    The latest hot new addition to Broke Straight Boys is Blake Bennett who is fresh off the airplane
    and into the studio. While Blake is admittedly tired from his early flight, from his wide grin, he's
    looking forward to showing off his wares. Due to college, he needs some quick cash, thus, the solo
    session. As we were chatting, I asked Blake to describe his dick. Blake was a little taken a back at
    the question, saying his dick was just that... a dick. When I asked him if his dick was tasty, Blake
    couldn't help but laugh in embarrassment even as he replied that some girls he had been with had
    told him his cock was pretty tasty. Standing up, Blake burst out laughing when I told him to
    unbutton his shirt but make it slow and sexy. Grasping his shirt in both hands, Blake slowly
    snapped the buttons on his flannelette shirt even as he said that none of his girlfriends had ever
    told him how his cum tasted.

    I got in close with the camera, panning slowly down the lush hairs decorating Blake's chest and
    zeroed in where Blake was teasing his right nipple with his fingertip. Taking off his shirt and
    dropping it onto the ground, Blake revealed a very slender upper body with prominent collarbones.
    Showing off his hairy armpits, Blake just grinned as if he couldn't believe he was doing all this
    for some easy cash. At my prompt, Blake shot the camera a seriously sexy look and said that he loves
    to jerk off, even admitting that he did it up to three times a day. Unbuckling his belt and
    unzipping his jeans, Blake said that he had to have porn in order to jerk off. As he stepped out of
    his jeans, Blake cupped his dick and balls through his boxers, gently massaging them before pulling
    down the waistband and presenting his dick for inspection. He tucked his dick back into his boxers
    and turned around, pulling his boxers down so that the BSB members could get a good view off his
    ass. I told him to give his ass a slap, which he did even though he was clearly blushing. However,
    at my request, he managed to have a fairly sultry expression on his face as he gave his butt another
    slap, all the while, eye fucking the camera.

    Turning back around, Blake pulled his cock and balls out through the front of his boxers before
    sitting back down as I told him it was time to get the show on the road. With his boxers still on,
    Blake dolloped some lube on his dick and started to massage it into his cock shaft. For someone new
    to a studio environment, Blake was able to get his cock ramrod stiff in a matter of only a minute or
    two. As he slowly pumped his dick, Blake slapped his cock a couple of times against his abs,
    obviously relishing the feel. His hand sliding up and down his slick shaft, Blake described his
    perfect blowjob from a girl, saying that the girl should only swallow him half down and should twist
    her tongue around the head while jerking him off.Panting heavily, Blake then gave a demonstration
    of how it should go. Standing up again, he slapped his cock down hard against his palm, something
    that only helped to increase his excitement.

    Spitting into his hand, Blake slicked up his dick again as he put in some hard wrist action. A
    moment later, his boxers hit the floor and Blake was now completely nude. He massaged his butt cheek
    as he jerked himself off, only pausing once or twice to refresh the natural lube. The more turned on
    he got, the bolder Blake felt and there was no doubt that he was feeling more comfortable with
    the camera being around. Reaching up, Blake pinched his nipples, swapping from side to side as he
    got off on the electrifying sharpness each time he twisted a nipple. Blake sat back down on the
    sofa, relaxing against the arm as he got down to serious business, his hand flying up and down his
    thick shaft. By now, Blake had worked up a heavy sweat and precum dribbled down his shaft. In a bold
    move, Blake dabbed a fingertip into the precum and then licked his finger clean. Grinning, Blake
    said that it tasted 'kinda sweet' and that it wasn't too bad. Shifting up onto his knees and with
    another dollop of lube, Blake stroked his cock with a vengeance as he worked towards showing off his
    shooting skills. Only a minute later, Blake panted as jets of cum shot over the
    couch seat and into Blake's outstretched hand.
BSB - Duncan Tyler.mp4

Broke Straight Boys - Jay Adams.mp4

    A newbie from the Big Easy! Jay Adams takes the BSB couch for a solo ride. This stud has some smoldering sexiness, and a tool that makes bottoms squeal. And when he cums? The southern stud overflows with man juice. You'll want Jay to make a quick return!
Broke Straight Boys - Introducing James Andrews.mp4

James Andrews is fresh meat here on Broke Straight Boys, and this tall, handsome guy isn’t too camera shy. In fact, this newbie seems pretty at ease on camera…even as he strips down and drops his boxers, this stud is confident and sexy. He shows off his nice feet and tattoo-free body before he climbs onto the bed and grabs his cock, rubbing it slowly and lubing up as he touches himself. It doesn’t take him too long to get that dick worked up to it’s full size as he yanks on it, making his balls bounce witch each stroke. He gets a little more comfortable, closing his eyes and putting his arm behind his head as he masturbates, getting faster and faster as the muscles throughout his body tighten with each pump of his hand. The closer he gets to cumming, the harder he rubs that dick until finally he can’t hold back any longer and he blows a huge load all over himself and the bed! As sexy as James's solo scene was, we can't wait to see what he's got when he fucks!

Duration: 15:19
Res. 1280x720
Rel. Feb. 11th, 2015
Broke Straight Boys - Introducing Abram Hoffer.mp4

    Abram Hoffer is new to Broke Straight Boys and we’re starting him off with a solo scene, but this newbie seems pretty at-ease in front of the camera and has no reservations about closing his eyes and touching himself! He starts by running his big hands across his body, trailing them across his chest and stomach before moving down to massage his bulge, rubbing it gently through his pants before pulling it out.

    Once that dick is out, we get to appreciate just how big it is as he strokes it, getting it up to it’s full size as he takes his pants off and works that impressive prick with both hands! But he wants a little something more than just his hands, and he reaches for a fleshjack to help him out. He lubes it up and fucks it, making that toy work for him as he rams it hard and fast on his cock and by the look on his face, we can only guess that it feels damn good!

    After he’s gotten his fill of that, he goes back to some manual stimulation, getting comfortable as he masturbates and finally gets to shoot that huge load that he’s been holding in

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