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Setting this video in motion, "Uncut" from HUGE International Video opens with the stunningly handsome Viktor Selvey walking down a dirt road in the country. Overalls on without a shirt underneath, we begin to see what this video holds in store for us, and it is beautiful. As he is walking he comes upon Kurt Miklo (who resembles Tom Cruise when Cruise was in "Risky Business") sitting by the road. They exchange greetings, laugh and start playfully wrestling. One thing leads to another and soon they are passionately kissing. And it is here that the credits for the video are done coming up on the screen. It is a very sensual opening, but nothing like what we are about to see. Get ready for one hell of a hot video! If uncut international men are what you are into, this is the video for you! There is a good chemistry between Miklo and Selvey. They are very much into each other, which is exciting to see in video. With Selvey straddling Miklo, Miklo takes Selvey's long hard cock into his mouth and eventually works his way back to rim his moderately hairy hole. On hands and knees Miklo then takes that hot uncut cock up his ass for some nice steady fucking until Miklo blows his wad. But Miklo doesn't stop there. He then sits on Selvey's cock and works it until Selvey shoots his load.

Back at the farm, Rolf Kristen spots Gyorgy Kestov out feeding the chickens. Their eyes meet and the young Kestov climbs up on the tractor and starts making out with the hairy-chested Kristen. They lick and taste each other until Kristen is going down on Kestov's uncut rod. Hungrily he sucks, working it over good and tonguing the foreskin. Bending over the tractor tire, Kristen then takes that young boys cock into his hungry ass for. As if that wasn't enough, Kristen then sits on Kestov's dick and bounces on it like he were in the tractor seat out plowing the field until he shoots a good size load all over Kestov's chest. Within seconds Kestov pumps out a good load himself.


If raking hay causes horniness, then that is what happened to Ian Rikki. Out in the hot sun Rikki sets his rake aside and starts playing with his growing member in his pants. Jorge Detawyi is putting away his horse and spots Rikki stroking his cock. Within minutes Detawyi has his cock out and both boys stand at a distance watching as they stroke their uncut cocks to an exploding climax. The scene is short but it is hot to watch these young studs stroking their cocks for each other.

Coming home from school (?), young Serge Rahndol passes gardeners, Ramos Prady and Yuri Premoff, on his way into the house. From inside the house Rahndol watches as these two studs stop working and start going at it inside the tool shed. On his knees in front of Prady, Premoff takes the hairy chested mans uncut tool into his mouth and starts working it over good while stroking on his own thick piece of meat. Rahndol, unable to control the urge, takes out his massive dick and starts stroking while watching them. Slowly he moves out of the house and into the action, pumping his cock as he gets closer. Premoff, who is a good cock-sucker, is soon going down on Rahndol...but this boy is so big there is no way in hell he can get his mouth over the whole thing. If you like young boys with big cocks, this is the scene for you! Premoff continues to suck as Prady moves his way behind him and starts fucking Premoff's ass. Oddly though, Rahndol is suddenly missing from the scene and we see Premoff riding Prady's cock. Eventually the two of them shoot pretty impressive loads and it is hot...but what happened to Rahndol? Hmmm...a disappointment there!

Our final scene takes us to a picnic table where sitting at the table playing a drinking game are Ian Rikki, Colby Tavors, Istvan Kurikov and Viktor Selvey. Soon Rikki and Kurikov are kissing each other. As they watch, Tavors and Selvey start going at it. Clothes start coming off and before you know it, Tavors is sucking off Selvey and Rikki is sucking on Kurikov's beautiful cock. Without wasting any time, Kurikov soon has his cock up Rikki's butt and is plowing his ass. I might add here that I think Kurikov is one of the finest looking men in the video. With his hairy chest and his beautiful cock...what a stud (but all these men are)!!! Meanwhile, Tavors is definitely enjoying Selvey's cock, while stroking his own pole. Selvey doesn't just let this be a "one way experience" though and is soon going down on Tavors. Then, bending over the table Tavors takes Selvey's meat into his puckering hole for a really hot fuck. Selvey soon shoots his load onto Tavors ass and then they switch positions. Selvey bends over now and lets Tavors enter him until Tavors pumps out a pretty impressive load onto Selvey. But what happened to Rikki and Kurikov? They, like Rahndol, disappeared! THIS was a major disappointment!

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