Rock Candy Films - THE PSYCHO

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DescriptionRod Daily, Duncan Black, Joey Cooper, Matthew Rush - Nina Hartley & Veronica Snow (non sex roles0
Most of Nica Noelle's output across genres and genders is romantic in nature, but she made this welcome departure into thriller territory a few years back. Distributor Rock Candy Films is out of business, but "The Psycho" is worth seeking.

Rod Daily does a fine, mildly sinister job in the title role, portraying a chicken-hawk who gets his claws on unsuspecting young men by first romancing their mothers, preying on susceptible divorcées and widows. It's a clever premise not typical of porn, and Nica's writing extracts considerable drama and suspense even though the bulk of the running time is devoted to guys in the sack, two by two.

Her use of a mixed cast always appeals to me in these exercises, as the limitations of the "all-female-cast" (for girl/girl porn) and "all-male-cast" (for boy/boy) are considerable. Fleshing out the story with all sorts of characters works wonders in terms of maintaining the viewer's interest, and also ups the acting performances all-around.

Daily's first victim is professor Nina Hartley, who falls for the muscular stud's line. When she innocently leaves him in the house with cute son Joey Cooper the inevitable happens.

Without a transition scene, we next encounter Daily on his subsequent escapade as a personal trainer taking charge of lonely Veronica Snow. He has no trouble seducing her -she's been alone for five years and for her lesbian fans out there she has a cute line: "Sometimes I wish I were gay".

After scoring with Snow, Daily has access to her son Duncan Black and easily seduces him too, ending with the usual line: "Don't tell your mom about this".

Effective twist has rugged Gay star Matthew Rush knocking on Daily's door and having a heart to heart talk with our Psycho. He's aware of both the Nina and Veronica incidents and is here for revenge -forcing Rod to have sex -taking it rather than dishing it out for a change. This turnabout is a satisfying resolution to the drama while simultaneously giving the fans their quota of boy/boy XXX action.
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