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CMNM.net Terry and FirstAuditions.com Terry

Manual labourer Terry went to a club looking for a good night out, ended up getting in a violent argument with a bouncer and now finds himself in the interview room of a police station. It's not an ideal situation for a virile young man who was hoping to get laid and he wants to get out as soon as possible. Deputy Constables Parker and Lent have years of experience dealing with the toughest criminals in the city. They could tell right away he's concealing something and they are prepared to conduct a very thorough physical examination to prove it. They know exactly how to handle the fully naked handsome lad and get what they want from him while following strict police procedure.
CMNM.net Terry Part 1:
With the threat of a prison sentence hanging over him, Terry has to defer to the expert opinion of his solicitor and the police constables. Being presented with such a handsome and fit man the officers and solicitor are eager to conduct a thorough strip search while making verbal comments for the official record about his sizeable cock and the fact he seems to be hiding something up his very tight arse. The scent of Terry's hard masculine body quickly fills the confines of the small run-down interview room when he's fully naked, especially when he's aroused to the point of being fully erect and has his arse cheeks parted for inspection.
CMNM.net Terry Part 2:
The detectives have extensive experience inspecting the anal cavities of suspicious young men. Terry is a particularly cagey character, a rough young builder who swears up and down he's not hiding anything up his hole. Not very convincing. While describing aloud exactly what they are doing and what they are feeling the officers and solicitor inspect his arse with their bare fingers. Finding a suspicious object there a more rigorous test is needed using a special probe. Terry is a very cool character who thinks he can get by on his pretty face, but these confident shrewd detectives don't miss a trick.
CMNM.net Terry Part 3:
Having proved himself untrustworthy, it's absolutely necessary to get a sperm sample from this cocky party man. The only way to do it is by handling his cock ourselves, stroking his firm erection and making him confirm what's happening aloud. Somehow hearing him verbalize it makes the experience of shamelessly groping him so much sexier. The healthy young man produces buckets of semen, far more than is needed for testing so it's best to have him lap up the rest. Naked Terry is thoroughly humbled sucking his own sperm off from the older clothed men's fingers.

Terry (THE SAME MODEL's FirstAuditions)
United Kingdom
Heating engineer
24 years old
6ft 1 (1.87m)
Terry is a tall masculine guy with a hot body and mysterious manner which makes him incredibly seductive. Unlike many new guys to porn, Terry doesn
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