His First Silver Daddy - King Dingo & Harley Firebird

Daddies / Sons
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King Dingo is a sexy Puerto Rican college student who is working on his Bachelor's. This semester he's taking an advanced English course, and he's falling a little behind. Not wanting to flunk out of the class, he approaches his teach, Mr. Firebird, and asks for one on one tutoring. Harley Firebird has heard all this before... the student needs personal time to try to catch up, isn't there anything he can do to help. Usually when it's a female student Harley sends them off to his TA, but since this time it's a sexy, well cut male student, he happily offers his assistance. Of course, the best things in life aren't free, and King Dingo quickly learns this when his pants are pulled down around his ankles and his cock is being masterfully sucked by Mr. Firebird. Well, at least that 'A' looks to be within reach, now! All he has to do it spread those cute ass cheeks wide open and say 'ahhhhh'.
enjoy :)
2010-08-06 16:28:17
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