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Thomas [1,2,3,4] + Landon [5,6,7,8] - DBB - Torture & Punishment

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Four Years Later – Part 1

Playtime: 16:27

Four years ago, 20-year-old Thomas was convicted of sexually assaulting a co-ed – a completely trumped-up charge. The girl, a daughter of a prominent politician, got pregnant and someone had to take the blame. Thomas was brutally tortured then thrown in prison for a “reduced” sentence of one year. Ever since, the once promising young man has been on a downward path that has led him back to the same torture chamber and the same cruel man who tortured him four years ago. The man is very pleased when he sees Thomas, still muscular and beautiful at 24, strapped to a horizontal X-cross, naked but for the tight briefs that barely hide his massive cock and balls. He has been sentenced to two-hours of non-stop beating. The man will punch, flog, whip and pummel him in any way he pleases. Then Thomas will be subjected to his greatest nightmare: crucifixion, a torture that nearly destroyed him four years ago. Next week: A long, steel rod.


Four Years Later – Part 2

Playtime: 14:18

Thomas is now spread-eagled naked on the X-cross, his stomach and chest bright red from a long whipping. “Time for you to take over, Jared. Get the steel pipe,” the man in charge says in a deep, terrifying voice. A young man in black pants and boots, his shirtless torso rippling with muscle, approaches Thomas, carrying a long, steel rod encased in hard rubber in one hand and stroking the prone boy’s torso and cock with the other. “Please…” Thomas begs, but he’s cut off as the steel bar comes crashing down on his abs. Jared continues the pounding mercilessly, sending Thomas into spasms of pain. The man in charge is so turned on he reaches over and strokes Thomas’ s huge cock as Jared beats him. When the beating is finally over, the man does something totally illegal – crushing Thomas’s beautiful cock and balls with two spring-loaded glue clamps while he and Jared take a two-hour coffee break.


Four Years Later – Part 3

Playtime: 14:23

Thomas is up on his feet now, wrists cuffed behind his back to a steel chain hanging from the ceiling. His neck is bolted to the chain by a steel collar, keeping him fully upright. A steel spreader bar separates his ankles, with his huge cock, also cuffed to the chain, dangling between his legs. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is a human punching bag – and prison guard Jared is about to get a very good workout on him. Jared comes in shirtless – he means business – his hands covered with hard rubber gloves, not boxing gloves that are meant to soften a blow, but rock-hard punching gloves meant to increase the impact of each punch. Thomas shakes his head in disbelief. “I have one instruction for you Jared,” the man says: “No mercy.” Jared is very good at following instructions. Next week: Whipped, readied for the cross.


Four Years Later – Part 4

Playtime: 15:45

Thomas is dazed and confused from his intense beating at the hands of his prison guard, Jared. He hangs half-limp from his wrists, cuffed together high over his head to a steel chain stretched down through his butt crack and attached to a steel cuff around his cock and balls, which are pulled upward by the chain when he slouches and downward by the 10-pound lead weight dangling between his legs. Jared punches the prone boy several more times, then lays into him hard with the flogger. By the end, Thomas barely moans after each blow. Jared leaves him hanging in his chains for hours. After this brief “rest,” the naked, young prisoner is laid on the cross, flat on his back, displayed like a trophy, awaiting eight hours of unrelenting hell. Next week: Crucified again.


The Handyman – Part 5

Playtime: 16:01

Landon can’t believe that these men are about to whip his back with the bull whip the young guys just flashed in front of his face. “This can’t be happening,” the boy mumbles to himself, shaking his head in disbelief. But it is happening. And the pain is even worse than he can imagine. Jared shows absolutely no mercy, using his strong, muscular arms to lash the prone boy’s back and ass, leaving his flesh cut with deep red welts every two or three inches from his broad shoulders to his bulbous ass. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, Jared pours half a bottle of rubbing alcohol on the fresh wounds and rubs it in with his hands – then starts bull-whipping him again. When its all done, Landon’s freshly whipped body is stretched and he is left in agony for hours, alone. Next week: Ass fucked – twice.


The Handyman – Part 6

Playtime: 20:50

A couple days after his brutal bullwhipping, his back and ass still scarred, Landon is bent over the horizontal X-cross, his firm, plump ass high up in the air. “That’s one fine ass,” the older man says, squeezing Landon’s ass cheeks and slapping his still tender whip wounds. “He’s waiting for you, Jared!” the man barks. “He’s never been fucked before, so let’s make his first time a memorable experience,” the man adds, as Jared, completely naked, waves a long, hard dildo in Landon’s face. The thing looks like a dagger. “Please, I can’t take it,” the boy begs. But Jared is relentless, fucking the boy with the hard dildo until he is nearly senseless. Then he does it all over again with a second dildo twice the size! Landon is glassy-eyed when it’s all done. “This is your new life, boy,” the man announces. “Pain and getting fucked in the ass.” Next week: Bullwhipped chest.


The Handyman – Part 7

Playtime: 17:49

Still completely naked, young Landon is laid against a diagonal beam, cuffed in place at his wrists and ankles. He’s been brutally bullwhipped on his back and fucked in his ass. He’s been told this is his new life: He is a pain slave, a boy who exists for the sexual pleasure of sadistic men. He has no idea what is in store for him – or why a steel ring has been placed around his cock and balls. Then the men appear – the older one and the younger one he calls Jared. Landon’s first real lesson is about to begin. Jared first chains his neck to the beam, making him feel completely vulnerable and slightly off balance. “You need to learn, slave, how to get hard and stay hard – even while you are in pain.” the older man says. After a few strokes of Jared’s expert hands, Landon is indeed rock hard. Then comes the pain: The bullwhip is used on his chest and abs. Next week: Cock shock.


The Handyman – Part 8

Playtime: 18:48

The stakes have just gotten much higher: Landon must stay hard – rock hard – or 3,000 volts of electricity are sent surging right into his cock and balls. “I can’t do it!” the terrified slave cries out as his cock goes soft and the first jolt of current sends him into convulsions of pain. After several extremely painful cock-shocks, the man asks Landon if he wants the electro-torture to stop. “Yes! I’ll do anything!” the boy exclaims. “Then show me some cum,” the man replies, ordering Jared to jerk him off. Landon gets hard – and is shocked. Landon’s ass is finger-fucked – and he’s shocked. He finally cums while Jared jerks him – and he’s shocked. Poor slave. Next week: A fresh, new boy on his 18th birthday.

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