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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-03-14 |
Bali - The Rights of Manhood
Cadro Films, Year Produced 2000

Starring: El Volcan , Thorn, Ricky, Agus, Suwar, Mochamad, Santoso, Sven Carpenter, Brownie Paulay, Don Clappery, Andreas Von Stahl, Bastien Wheeler

Categories: Asian Men, Europeans, Interracial Sex, Big Loads, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Pool - Spa Sex, Romance, Story - Plot, Twinks - Young Meat, Uncut Cocks

promotional material:

Hi guys, my name is El Volcan. I will tell you a story about my trip to Bali, Indonesia.
My blond friend Thorn and I have read a lot about rituals of different people. We have become especially interested in the Asian, Balinese rites of becoming a grown man. We decided to take the long journey to Bali.
When I got to Thorn's apartment he was just making love with his new boyfriend. He didn't make any fuss about it, he came to the door to greet me stark naked. He said he changed his mind and is not joining me on my trip to Bali. I wished him good luck with his new boyfriend and ventured ahead on my own.
Ricky, a dear local tourist guide helped me a lot to find a very nice house in Semanyak. The house was built in a local, Balinese style, the rent was cheap, it was a modern, very comfortable building. I fell in love with it immediately, and Ricky fell in love with me. We inaugurated the house...
The next day Ricky took me to a Village Festival not far from us. I honed in on two young dancers who have shown us the love dance at the beach. I got in the middle, they were eager to teach me...
I invited the dancers to our house. Ricky showed up with a virgin boy and asked me to teach him the art of man-love. That's how Ricky wanted to show his love to me of course!
I was happy in this paradise and wanted to discover every secret spot on the island. I drove to the volcanic Northern Region of Bali. I toured places of worship among the ricefields, the valleys and the streaming rivers. I have just reached the waterfalls at Git-Git when young men were cleansing their bodies.
I joined the young men in prayer. They accepted me in their midst and one of them told me that my presence on the island has become known all over, that I was a Chosen person and every virgin boy wanted me to initiate them in this rite of Manhood instead of their priest. One of the boys took me to a house unknown to me until then. The religious leader of their community offered us the refuge of this blessed garden. I have introduced him the joys of manly love as well. I was touched by his hot passion.
I couldn't wait to show off my best friends at home all the dances, music, rituals that I have learned in Bali. I must have made a great impression on them, their passion turned into a frenzied lovemaking.
I learned a very important lesson. All over the world people create all sorts of rituals, but at the end all of them speak the same language about one thing: the wonders of lovemaking between men.

The video is not very crisp but the guys are cute.

Enjoy the show!
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