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Remy Mars Raw And Reloaded

Chocolate Cream brings you Remy Mars completely raw!
Watch these hot, willing bottom boy thugs get their
tight asses plugged to the hilt! These hotboyz are packing
ten inches of hard pipe…and they just can’t seem to get
enough of a thick rod plunging balls deep!
Even though Ssean is a newbie to the game; he takes
Remy’s cock like a pro! Envy deep throats Remy
before spreading his cheeks and begging to get his
hungry hole plugged! The tables are turned when
Slim (don’t believe the hype) tries to fold Remy like a pretzel
and makes sure his python hits every nook and cranny
before he feeds Remy his chocolate cream!
Joined by Redz, Slim and Envy and new cummer Ssean,
Remy is gettin’ his rocks off!

These boys are 100% raw, loaded and ready to go.
Check out the legendary Remy Mars as he tries to decide
if he prefers to top or bottom in this 100% RAW bareback flick.
You’ll see how awesome he is whether he’s slingin
that big fat black dick or he’s getting his back dug out,
reminding him of just how much he loves taking cock up his ass!
You won't want to miss the very hot Remy Mars raw, reloaded and ready for action!
Starring: Envy, Redz, Remy Mars, Ssean, Slim

Release Date: Jun 21, 2012

Label: Chocolate Cream

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"Who That Is: The Remy Mars Interview

Who is Remy Mars?

Ha ha "Who is Remy Mars?" When I think of Remy Mars, It's not a character that comes to mind,
but more so a state of mind. As Remy Mars I am the Alpha Power Bottom...
I am dominance and seduction with a KILLER arch. Remy Mars is confidence without
shame and a lack of care for what everybody or anybody in the industry is doing.
Remy Mars doesn't try to be like everyone else or tries to keep up with the Jones's...
just a well balance of formula of 33% Charm + 33% Appeal + 34% Brains = 100% Remy Mars.

What made you choose the name Remy Mars?
-For those who don't know by now, Remy Mars is actually my real name, or at least taken from.
My real name is Je(Remy Mars)hall... clever I kno! :-)

What was your child hood like?
-I wouldn't traded my upbringing for anything. As a child, my life was stable.
I was born in Jackson, Mississippi and soon moved to Suburban Philadelphia.
I grew up in a loving, but modest household. Both parents, an older sister and two younger brothers.
I don't consider myself as being well-off rather than just blessed.

What was it that made you want to start doing porn?
-I can't say that anything imparticular made me want to start.
I started watching porn very young... probably about 5.
I think I learned the majority of what I know from watching white straight porn...
those white women were freaks and the way they suck dick is unmatched lol...
I dunno I guess... I've always admired adult entertainers and I've always known that
I'd be famous for something... and with the added fact that I'm a SCORPIO, I guess I just fell into place.

Who were some of your biggest influences in porn and why?
-Some of my biggest influences just to name a few would have to be
Jenna Jameson, Matthew Rush & Tyson Cane. I just love Jenna,
she's great and has really done well as far as developing herself as an Adult Icon.
Matthew Rush is just the hottest of all hot! He's always been one of my
favorite guys to watch on camera. I think Tyson Cane is obvious...
one of the first African American Adult Stars to be signed to Falcon Studios
as well as coming from modeling transitioning into producer.
He's a great person and good picture of what a model should want to aspire to.

Being that you have performed in both condom and bareback porn how do you feel about bareback porn?
-Bareback porn is just in right now and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.
It helps with the fantasy and all in all that's what this business is about;
creating a fantasy for it's viewers. Videos or not, I just feel that if you're having
unprotected sex, then at least accept the necessary responsibilities and that's getting
yourself checked and tested regularly. In the time that we're living in today,
HIV isn't the death threat it once was back in the 70's & 80's...
there's more knowledge, support and treatment that available for those who want to
help themselves. Another thing is that people have to understand is that this industry
cost money and is competitive as hell! The majority of straight porn is raw sex and
it's cause that's what sells... I'm not going to say this is the sole reason,
but another good reason a lot of companies are shooting out RAW footage is also due
to the fact that TOPS can't seem to stay hard while in a condom, which leads to the
possibility of a lack luster, fake fucking or flaccid dick scene... not quality entertainment.

How many years have you been doing porn and how many films have you done?
-I've been in the business for 5years in May. I started in the Spring of 2006 when I was 18.
Peanut Untouchable of FreakDorm had hit me up on A4A. After some time and messages,
I filmed my first scene with Pinky Untouchable on his upcoming film "Oh, So freaky"...
After that, I was introduced to Marvin Jones of Chocolate Cream B.C. Productions and
shot with Kapone on "Turned Out". Pretty much history from that point.
That summer my debut staring movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
was released followed with "There's Something About Remy" that following year.

You have worked for numerous companies like Black Rayne,
who was your favorite company to work with and why?
-Ha Ha... Gosh, you're right, I've worked with several,
but I'd have to say my favorite would be Que of Black Rayne & Marvin Jones of Chocolate Cream.
They're just great guys and hungry businessmen. I admire their drive and ambition.
Both two men who saw something with potential financial profit and went for it.
Still hot today. They respect their models... a lot of these companies today have
little care or concern for their models... I can honestly say the Que & Marvin a
re stellar guys, the support and encouragement is always there... I love em'. Shout Out!

Now Some fun Questions

Who are your top 3 favorite singers of all times and why?
1) Aaliyah - Always & Forever #1 R.I.P BabyGurl
2) Bilal - Philly native and his music is just candy to the ears.
3) Marvin Gaye - This man was so bright, he's brilliant.

Who is your favorite co-star to work with and why?
I can't necessarily say I have a favorite, but just those whom I've worked
with and have enjoyed to name a few would have to be...
HotRod, Breion Diamond, Dream and Golden ( Lol Compact Champ!). Really great performers! Hot as fuckery!

If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
Soaring stocks with Apple!

Who 5 people in your life you cant live without?
1. God
2. & 3. - My Parents
4. My bestfriend, Nitty Boop
5. My cat, Prudence Marie Antoinette aka KIT

What is a talent you have that not many people dont know you have?
I'm an artistic person. I live off creativity and using it as an avenue of
expression or passion. I can draw and I'm a screenwriter, oh yea, and I can sing as
well as songwriter. Also, I'm currently a Sophomore at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.
Studying for my Bachelors in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production. Oh and this southern boy can throw down in the kitchen!

What can we look forward to from Remy Mars in the future?
Soon taking a step back from the model aspect of the industry and accepting a producing role.
As I get older and the industry is a revolving door of new faces and talents...
We really have a lot of new guys out there that i just think are amazing.
At a point, you gotta make the transition. I feel a R.Mars line would be welcomed greatly and received warmly.
I have an amazing fan base and loads of support. Most importantly,
I have experience and so many great be to gain inspiration from. Ummm...
more appearances. I want to become more tangible for my audience. More interactive.
So you can definitely expect a new official website coming soon...
possible new line and definitely a new movie. It's been forever since I've had a
staring DVD and before I finally hang up the Freakum Draws & lube,
another movie is owed. But trust it will be HOT!

Are there any last words you have for your fans and my viewers?
Enjoy this time... Live for the moments. The good times, the bad times,
to the times when you feel you've given your all and best...
it's all worth the building and learning experience. Live your dreams!
No dream or goal is too far fetched as long as the drive and determination
is there to support it. Remember this... you're born to learn and to die with experience.
Let every moment be worth it! Thanks for this interview and appreciate all the love & support.
Til I'm in ur city... K.A.T.S (Kiss Across The Sky)"

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