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Starting a new school year for both high school and collegiate athletes alike, often require a sports physical exam and today, Damon Bowars came to the office for just that purpose. Damon has been playing lacrosse and hockey since his teen years and has continued with both sports as he made the leap to college. Typically, Damon received all of his required sports physicals at his family doctor but with a few notable exceptions. He previously took part in a group physical exam required for his hockey team which was conducted in his high school gym.

Participation in sports has given Damon a quiet confidence about himself. While he has a steady girlfriend, it has also provided him with a little bit of notoriety at his college to entice other sexual partners. Being a socially conscious person, Damon uses condoms in all of his sexual relations and has never had a sexually transmitted disease.

Directing him to strip down to his underwear, I began Damon¡¦s sports physical. There is a dusting of hair across his flat pectorals and I detect the making of a six pack in the abdominals. Checking his arms, Damon flexed and bumped up some mighty biceps, no doubt earned from toting his big stick around¡K lacrosse or hockey stick, I mean.

Pulling open his boxers at the waistband, to satisfy my curiosity about the telltale bulge, I confirmed my suspicions as Damon was fully erect. Checking the femoral pulse, I suggested that it might be better if he removed his boxers entirely. Freed from its cotton confinement, Damon¡¦s penis stood straight up and jutted straight up. Standing him upright, the genital examination continued. Checking his urethra, I found his fully engorged penis had not started to secrete any seminal fluids so after securing a couple of coughs for the hernia test, I had Damon return to the exam table to allow me to continue his evaluation.

To my delight, Damon¡¦s posture on the table afforded a perfect parting of his buttocks allowing for inspection of the hairy crevice and his puckered anus. It was into that puckered anus that I first introduced a lubricated thermometer. Turning my back away from him momentarily, I returned and found the thermometer had almost slipped completely out of his rectum, yet it did record his normal temperature.

Questioning him, I found that he had not previously had a prostate exam, so I took aim and eased my lubricated finger into his rectum in one fluid motion. Confirming that he felt a little sexual exhilaration at the contact with his prostate, I checked to find that his erect penis had now become completely rigid at the stimulation. Taking my clue that this was a welcome intrusion, I began to slowly massage his prostate and then gradually picked up the tempo which continued to excite my collegiate athlete.

In the interest of being thorough, I removed my finger and replaced it with a lubricated anoscope to fully inspect the cavernous interior. The anoscope sunk deep within the patient and convinced me that Damon was capable of receiving much more. Turning him over onto his back the examination continued as I instructed the patient to lift his legs off of the table and to clasp his hands behind his knees to keep the legs elevated. I re-lubricated my fingers to continue the assault on his anus which was already prepped and awaiting a new arrival. First one and then two fingers were introduced to provide a more in depth prostate massage to accommodate the patent. With my free hand, I opted to stimulate his penis together with the prostate massage.

Sensing that he was close to ejaculation, I gave Damon some lubricant to use and as he lubricated his penis, I returned to my prior position and provided digital rectal stimulation as he worked himself towards a tasty climax.
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