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ChaosMen - Solomon Edge

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Description32:28 mins, wmv file

This Edge video is an exploration of Pain Managementā€¦as requested by Solomon
himself!Not for the faint of heart!Solomon was set to do a
Serviced video, but when I showed him the Edge chair, and explained how we try
to push limits and explore fetishes, he started spilling out what his favorite
things to do in bed were. If you missed it, he talks about his fetish in the
beginning of his solo.The fantasy sequences are all Solomonā€™s ideas. He
wanted to go buy a teeth/mouth guard for some full-on punching to the face, but
both Ransom and I balked at it. I think he wanted to come away from the shoot
with a black eye. We stuck to standard props like a riding crop, and some
spanking and hitting in his meaty areas. Not sure what goes on in Solomonā€™s
head, but he loved every minute of doing this video. The dude heals fast too,
ā€˜cuz by the time we go to do his cumshot, there isnā€™t in a red mark on
him.Solomon is beautiful but a little cocky. I mentioned that I think he
pushes peopleā€™s buttons so he can get a rise out of them. He loves a good
smack-down! This video allows him to go full-tilt in exploring the fetish. He
left the video VERY satisfied, though ironically, he thought we could have gone
harder with him!If you always wanted to play rough with a straight
cocky boy, this Edge video will satisfy. If you donā€™t ā€œgetā€ rough play, then
likely you might wince a couple times. Regardless, this is a standout
Edge video!
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