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[Its Gonna Hurt] 2009-11-03 - John Stone Meets The Jack Hammer
The lovely Mr.Stone (John Stone) came out to do a little video shoot with us. He wasn't entirely sure what he was getting himself into. The promise of big cock enticed him. This kid was freaky from the get-go. We weren't ten minutes into the video before he started shoving didlo's up his tight little bunghole. Needles to say Castro's monster scared him. And rightfully so. Castro conquered this kids ass. It's safe to say Mr.Stone was cracked open by the jack hammer.

[Its Gonna Hurt] 2009-11-10 - One Large Deposit
Guys do I have an update for you! We've been putting some ads in the local paper to see if there were any takers(get it..lol) out there for Castros's big black cock. Well guess what? We got one..and he's straight! As if that wasn't enough, he has a wife and kids at home!!! It turns out our boy Ari always fantasized what it would be like to take Castro's ginormous cock inside his virgin asshole. Well Castro did good by our boy Ari and pounded his ass good and hard and he loved every second of it. Ari even gives a shout out to his wife and kids at the end. You guys do NOT want to miss this ground breaking episode!

[Its Gonna Hurt] 2009-11-17 - William Takes The Supreme
William is a nice little school boy. He even has a girlfriend. What his girl doesn't know is that Willy loves the cock. We picked him up in front of his campus. He was a little shy at first but once we got him back to the apartment he started opening up. He told us all about his repressed sexual escapades. He loves sex but there was something missing in his love life. That something was Castro's supreme cock. So being the nice guys that we are we decided it was time to let Willy have it. He was mesmerized and terrified at first. After the initial shock at Castro's scale tipping monster he got right to work. Cramming the supreme into his under used regions wasn't easy, but as always we made it work. Like the saying goes no pain no gain. After we were finished William said he would never downgrade again.

[Its Gonna Hurt] 2009-11-24 - The Average Joe Meets The Real Pro
This kid thought he was a pro. Today we were shooting with our friend Kurt Wild. He's a newbie in the business and has a little bit of a following. His moderate fame may have gotten to his head a little. He was slightly over confident before we got him upstairs. That quickly changed when Castro pulled out the supreme. Kurt's a little guy. He's got a cute little frame and a tight little body. Castro's supreme gave him a introduction into the business. Kurt took it like a champ.
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