BCH Reaper [Working hard Reapers load]

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Working hard Reaper’s load Beefcake Reaper is a sexy-ginger type (my first one). Reaper is tall, and has a hairy chest and legs, which you know, I love it! His cock is not that big for a guy his height, but it’s very yummy, and big enough to satisfy a hungry mouth like mine. I found myself working hard on Reaper’s load. He is so nice and gentle, and so open to the situation, but he was still a little anxious. His job as a Construction worker has been slow for the last couple of weeks, so he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make a few extra bucks, and like always, I do my best to make the Beefcakes feel at home, besides, it was a really hot afternoon, and we both started sweating a lot. It took me longer than usual to get him fully hard, he noticed that, and tried to please me by allowing me to go further, and then, the magic moment happened!.. “The kissing”. Wow, I was really surprised, I couldn’t believe what was going on! Lol. Feeling his big hands and beard on my skin was amazing! Then, suddenly the A/C went ON, and the temperature in the room got above the usual, plus all of the steamy situation happening in the room, it was unreal! Lol
After that “moment” we had, I pushed my oral skills to its best to work that cock, and I finally succeeded. Beefcake Reaper really got into the zone, and as he said in the beginning of the scene, he controls his timing, even though he was ready to cum! At the end he delivered a massive steamy-creamy cum, that I know many of you Hunters would love me to swallow, but we were both wet enough at that point already. Lol
When I was driving him back to the train station, he confessed he’s usually very dominant, and that he would’ve preferred to be standing up for the shooting. I’m certain that we can do that next time, I also asked him about the “kiss” part and he said: “I was very curious about it”, then he changed the subject. Even though he reciprocated my kiss, I have no doubts he is straight, it just happens that he’s very comfortable with his sexuality, so I think we should be open minded too, right? Hope you guys enjoy this video of me working hard Reaper’s load! See you next time!
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