Liquid London - Polish Pleasures

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DescriptionPolish Pleasures is undoubltly Jean-Marc Prouveur's most poetic film to-date.
Mainly filmed in rural Poland, Polish Pleasures, transports you to a land of unequalled romanticism where secret passions run high.
It is the first gay film to be ever shot in Poland with a cast of mostly Polish models. All but two actors are new to the world of gay porn. Their performances are filled with an enthusiasm sometimes lost in their more professional rivals in the west.
Hidden pleasures are being consumed over the wailing of the violin. Poland is still a deeply religious country and it is a miracle that Polish Pleasures could be made there at all.
The train journey between Warsaw and Krakow remains one of the most daring scene in the film. Whilst the youngest of the cast, the amazing OLEH GRZEGORZKI, whose cum shot earlier in the film squirted high above the head, sucks on LEOPOLD FRACKOWIAK massive cock, real soldiers are celebrating their leaves in the adjoining compartments. The nearest they come to Krakow during the three hours journey, the loudest and drunken the soldiers become It is an extraordinary feast for the two actors to keep on performing and to both remain rock hard whilst patriotic polish songs are bellowed out from all surrounding. Once again it ends up with a sea of sperm being blasted all over the carriage.
This scene was rewarded 'Best Sex Scene' at the Barcelona Heat Gay 2004
Illicit sex in secret and derelict buildings litters Polish Pleasures, the threesomes between LEOPOLD FRACKOWIAK, ZYGMULT HRYSIEWCZ, and STANISLAS SZCCZESNY reflects on the stunning stamina of the cast. Shot in freezing condition though being early autumn in Warsaw, the actors prove that rampant lust can overcome any obstacles. They lick, they suck, they rim and they fuck each others with an abandon best described as frenzied.
Polish Pleasures is a haunting dance with polish devils, a dance with the most beautiful angels of darkness fiendishly endowed. A dance you may long to join in.

Cast:  Tadek Mordzialek, Zygmult Hrysiewicz, Casimir Radomski, Leopold Frackowiak, Henry Fleischmann, Alberto De LaHavana, Stanislas Szcczesny, Giovanni Carreras, Oleh Grzegorzki, Casimir Szymanski
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