[Rascal] Hole Patrol Shane Rollins Medical Checkup

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DescriptionThe warden seems to think that the trio will be incarcerated for some time. So rather than put Shane Rollins in touch with his lawyer, he sends him off to the prison physician, one Dr. Schmidt, Nick Capra, for a thorough exam. The doctor takes full advantage of a prone Shane on the exam table. A quick manual examination becomes a full-on grope, one which Shane doesn't seem to mind. Shane literally licks his lips when Nick's prick is freed from his scrubs, and soon the two are comparing for size. All medical pretense is forgotten the minute Nick swallows Shane to the root, dribbling long strands of spit down the length of Shane's cock. Nick gives one hell of an enthusiastic blowjob, gripping Shane tight at the base while making a big, loud show of bobbing and licking. In response, Shane rolls half onto one hip exposing his luscious pink center. As soon as Nick spies it, he dives in to give it a thorough oral exam, Shane jacking his cock the entire time. Nick rides Shane's face, ordering him to "lick that hairy manhole, you nasty fuck." Shane's tongue is too busy darting across Nick's hole to reply. At one point, Nick violently seesaws over Shane's goateed chin and mouth, rubbing the nerve endings in his hole raw in an effort to get off. Nick slowly rolls on a condom while Shane balances by the side of the bed, standing on one leg. The expression on his face is pure ecstasy the moment Nick eases inside his ass. Shane's thick dong swings heavily as he stands in that same precarious position. The two move to the gurney, Nick taking Shane on his back, never letting up on the stream of dirty-talk. Nick vociferously unloads on Shane's shiny bald skull, and then laps up his own load. Shane throws his hips over his head and cums in his own mouth. The cum is thick and what doesn't land inside his mouth, coats his goatee.
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