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This tale is set in Russia at the end of the 19th Century during a reign of Nicholas II.  Persons and their names are fictitious, but it could have happened in such a big country.

The story begins with a horse drawn carriage in the countryside of Russia taking Alexie, a sad and unkind Russian Nobility, home to his castle as the peasants bow in respect. In contrast, his stepbrother Yuvgenie is met with love and cheers. Yuvgeniev then shares vodka with two of the peasants and the three sexy studs get the hornies.
    The two takes turn sucking until Alexie shoots his load. Unbeknownst to them, Alexie is watching the action behind the door, consumed with rage and jealousy. Yuvgenie leaves and the two peasants continue on and suck and kiss. They take turns going down on each other's hard manhood before one gets on the table with his legs up in the air and gets an ass pounding. They, too, then release their man juices.
    WStirring in his sleep, Alexie has a wet dream about man sex and fantasies about sex with his brother. He then takes his stiff cock and jerks off until he's rid of his pent-up man lust. He scoop up and taste his own love juice. After that, he falls into peaceful slumber. After that day, Alexie's jealousy and hate for his brother began to grow.
    The next day, the handsome Yuvgenie is getting dressed for the day. A manservant brings in something for him to drink and spills on his boots. Yuvgenie eases the workers worries by giving him a sweet kiss on the lips. The servant gets down on his knees and yearns for the master's stiff erection and works the beautiful cock with his sweet lips. The master returns the favor and works his mouth on the servant's rock hard fatty. The two men move into a 69 and continue to chow down on each other's cocks. Yuvgenie then inserts his cock into the servant's asshole and fucks him doggy style over the table and thanks him for his tight ass by shooting a thick load.
    Back at the peasant's house, Alexie orders his coach driver to flog two of the peasant's pretty bare buns for being caught asleep on the job. The men get stimulated by the thrashings and the coachmen gets excited as he fingers the smooth butts. He then takes his fat cock and sticks it up one of the men's tight asshole. He takes a stab at the other's man's ass and fucks him, as he finger fucks the other. Moving back to the other's ass, the driver proceeds to fuck him again until he dumps his boy butter on the smooth, round cheeks. He splits the scene and the two peasants go at each other and suck cock until they both dump their loads.
    A handsome, young peasant works by the roadside as Alexie's carriage drives by. He is ordered to suck on the master's cock in his carriage. He works the big dick with his mouth, trying to stuff the whopper all the way down. He then jerks the master off until he climaxes with a big, creamy load. Alexie leaves and the peasant take matters into his own hand and jerks off.
    Alexie invites his brother for drinks and a show. They are entertained by naked dancing men behind a scrim and soon find themselves aroused they watch the men perform oral sex. The two leave the room the Alexie offers a toast to Yuvgenie, whose cup he previously added some drugs. As the two plays a game of chess, the Captain feels the effects of the drug. In the meantime, the coach driver is getting it on with the exotic dancers as they suck and fuck with gusto.
    Back in the room, Alexie gets his stepbrother where he wants him- in bed. The two kiss wildly before Alexie takes Yuvgenie's manhood in his mouth. The stepbrothers move into a 69 and slurp and suck, soon followed by the Yuvgenie taking a seat on the Alexie's big cock and going for a ride until the two climax from their love making
    Beautiful - the scenery, the camera work and the young German men!

Director:Vlado Iresch
Strring:David Somer (as Alexej), Stenley Underberger (as Jevgenij), Samuel Dolce, Bryan Armano, Cody Maxwell, Frank Hower, George Paine, Igor Szolon, Lukas Michael, Marvue Newkirk, Tom Dyron and Tony Newman.
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