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Brother Love 1976

1. Two Big Ones, pt 1 200'

When you've got a shot like this, it's almost pointless to write anything about the movie. With a cock that size and that hard, there are hundreds of things to do. So the photographer just keeps on shooting and ends up with twice as much film as he intended. Then when it comes time to cut out the bad parts, and he can't find any, there's nothing to be done but sell it as a two part film. Buy either part one or two or both. You won't be sorry. Each is a complete film. Together they'll burn the paint off your walls.

2. Climax (Mustang) 300'

Mark and Ken show us how hard and fast two boys can really get it on. Both are versatile and hung, and as these boys get hotter and hotter, it is apparent Ken is turned-on by Mark's finely muscled body and heavy tool. He wants Mark to possess him in every way. Mark immediately picks up on Ken's desires and mounts one of the hottest anal assaults ever shown. He repeatedly plunges into Ken in every position as he fulfills his desires. He vents his lust in two of the heaviest climaxes ever captured on film. Words can describe the action in this film; the are HOT, HOT, HOT!

3. Twin Reflections 200'

You're not seeing double. It's the famous Christy Twins, and we're pleased to present these twins filmed in their home, enjoying themselves as only twin lover can. Filmed as a visual fantasy, you will see scenes you've only read about before. Using mirrors to reflect their youthful images, they display their wares in the true tradition of the Narcissus. You'll see these two handle themselves with the ultimate in brotherly love. The twins climax after a visual experience that makes them so hot and hard, the explosion is a well-comed relief.

4. The Twins

These are actual twin brothers. You can tell in this film that they really love each other, after all they have been together since they were born. They start off trying to fix their sports car in their garage. These virile young brothers soon get turned on to each other's hot sweaty bodies. The boys suck each other's cocks and balls. Great shot of one twin licking the other's hard white ass, then down into his asshole. After a taste of ass, they both are ready for some wild fucking. They fuck feverishly, but are careful not to hurt each other. Great cum shots at the end. It's unusual to see two twin brothers that really dig each other so much.

5. Pat Lee, Dave Lee
By now the Lee twins are too excited and their roommate arrives to help them let the pressure out with a lot of different pairings and a lot of butt plugging.
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