♺ NK- Goliath VS Machine - Which Muscled God Gets His Ass Fucked

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Original upload: 2015-03-24 |
Hot newcomer Seven "The Goliath" Dixon is up against "The Machine" Mitch Vaughn. The Machine has proven to be a formidable opponent with his huge muscles and vicious leg scissors. Despite The Goliath's lack of formal training, he's got a few extra pounds of muscle on his opponent and he plans on dominating all the way to the sex round, where he plans on fucking The Machine's muscled ass till he screams for mercy. These two muscled hunks are oiled down, their cocks raging hard as they hold nothing back to ensure a swift victory. But of course, only one man can finish victorious while the other gets their ass pounded into the mat before getting covered with cum.
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