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Tyson shakes catnip into his pouch before his match with Cheetah Boy. It's a risky move because catnip heightens aggression in some cats. But maybe the Hammer knows what he's doing because Match 719 is the most spirited and cocky hump match ever. No previous hump match got this close to the pleasures of actual dry-humping a wriggly half-naked stud.

Cheetah Boy has his own method of riling up his opponent, pretending not to know who the ex-champ is. Tyson is used to big talk from rookies, but still the provocation works, and the wrestlers literally grab each other by the throat. Tyson's reach is longer, so Cheetah chops down on the forearm and puts his opponent in a side headlock. Height  gives the Hammer the advantage, though, and he pastes Cheetah Boy's back to the mat and fondles his tummy and chest before clamping his teeth on the Boy's right nipple.

The 33-minute match is constant back and forth action. It avoids overworking the humps by mixing them up with gut punches, chokes, stretches, and, of course, ball grabs. The fight is so close that the final reversal happens just two minutes before the video's end, when the victor knocks his opponent out and enjoys a few pelvic thrusts atop the loser's unconscious and sweat-streaked body.

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2020-06-30 22:09:22
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